The description "edit scrivenings"

Right… this isn’t really a technical matter, but it might be a bug (a small one).

It is this: the term “edit scrivenings” leads one, unconsciously, to seek the option on the “edit” menu. I don’t imagine that I’m the only one who makes this mistake repeatedly. It is, of course, to be found on the “view” menu.

What would happen if instead of calling it “edit scrivenings” it was called “view scrivenings” or “view and edit scrivenings”? Would that make it more intuitive.
Or alternatively (a less likely scenario, I would have thought), put the option into the “edit” menu itself.

In my very non-expert opinion, it would.

Anyway, by putting all of that in writing, I have most likely managed to fix the location of the option in my mind, so I won’t be making the mistake again.
But perhaps others will?

Of course, the best thing would be to learn the keyboard shortcut.