The document 'document.scriv' could not be opened

I’m starting to regret downloading the update yesterday. My project won’t open!

When I launch Scrivener, nothing but the menus come up; no project, nothing. When I try to open my document via ‘Recent Projects’, it doesn’t do anything at all. When I try via ‘Open’ it tells me: ‘The document ‘document.scriv’ could not be opened’. When I try to just double click on the .scriv file, it opens Scrivener but not the project, and if Scrivener is already open, it does nothing.

I ran a full Software Update just now, and it didn’t solve the problem. I know the file itself is fine because I was working on it with the previous version just a few days ago.

Help. Seriously, help. This is my master’s thesis we’re talking about, I need to be able to work on it right now. Would reinstalling the previous version of Scrivener help? And where would I find it, if so?

Firstly, what version of Scrivener did you update to? 1.03 or the new beta? (See Scrivener > About Scrivener to check.)

Secondly, is document.scriv in the same account from which you are running - that is, could this be a permissions issue (Scrivener cannot open files as read-only).

Thirdly, what exact error message are you getting from Scrivener? Did you make sure that no other copies of Scrivener are lying around and that you haven’t tried to open an updated .scriv file with an older version of Scrivener? When you first opened the file in the new Scrivener, did it ask you to update the file or anything?


I updated to 10.3. It was the automatic update; Scrivener itself asked me if I wanted to do it, and I let it.

The document is under the same account because I have no other account. :stuck_out_tongue:

And the error message is exactly this: ‘The document ‘document.scriv’ could not be opened.’ Except the document is actually called ‘bounty.scriv’, but I doubt that matters. :wink:

I have just now sort of solved the problem by installing the 10.7 beta and letting it update the project- it opened it just fine as far as I can see, and at least I know my work is safe!

So, in short, 10.7 opened it, 10.3 would not.

That is still strange, though… At least 1.07 has you up and running, though. If you find anything else out about this, let me know.

Sure thing. Scrivener has been awesome for me so far. :smiley: Thanks for your help. I’m not sure what other information I could give you that could be helpful. The project had two rather large avi files in it, at around 1 gb each, maybe that caused a problem?

Actually, here’s something new. While I was trying to figure out a way to open the project in 10.3, I created a new one. It had nothing in it, but once I’d created it, it would pop up whenever I launched 10.3.
Just now I launched 10.3 again, just the program, not any file, and it said, verbatim: ‘File could not be opened’ and showed no project. No idea what that’s about, or which file it means.

As to 10.7, I didn’t put it in Applications but am running it from the mounted dmg for the moment. Upon launching it opens up my thesis without a problem.

ETA: Also in 10.7, my corkboard is empty.

Sounds to me like you have disk problems. I would suggest booting from the Installer CD and running Disk Utility to repair the disk.


:open_mouth: Disk problems! Well, that’s not good!

I’ll do what you suggest, just need to back everything up first.