the emergence of ...

It dawned on me that I may be internalizing vic-k. Multiple narrorators have become recognizable, in my head, while browsing the forum…

Posts by KB are read as if being proclaimed from the throne of the turtle (deity). And not the modern, kinder, gentler turtle of the last 40 years or so, but the 10 plagues version of the turtle. Earthquakes and lightening are included.

vic-k get’s the voice of Bob Hoskins. I’m sorry Bob. It isn’t intentional, but for some reason all the rolls I’ve seen you in are pretty darn close to Mr K’s various persona…

Mr X really confuses me. I can’t get Sean Connery to stop reading all his posts. All I can think of are the few Bond films I’ve seen. Yes yes. He isn’t an Englishman. He’s a Scott. It’s my twisted mind, so bugger off.

Mr Coffee, I’m sorry for what I’m about to type. Through no fault of your own you get stuck with Joe Pesci as a narrator. While I find Pesci hilarious when he exaggerates “yout’s” I fear I have typecast the typecast in an inappropriate manner.

Wock get’s bird noises. Makes it hard to follow.

Ahab, is my old neighbor Dale McGahen… An New Englander that didn’t understand why you needed to heat the house if the pipes weren’t frozen.

Hugh and PJS get that “Mutual of Omaha” announcer.

Nom… Mel Gibson (the Mad Max Gibson). You know the one… before he shoved his head up his … duct…

Oddly, Ioa has yet to assume a personal voice. I think it is fall out from the shattering of the pre-Ioa AmberV imaginings.

There. I have that off my conscience. We now return back to our regularly scheduled procrastination.

Bet y’ don’t know how close y’ve come there. I’ll send you the proof. Check your emails! :wink:

My canine brain simply fails to comprehend how you can hear without ears and speak without a mouth. To my way of thinking, the absence of a head and it’s constituent communication devices constitutes a massive disadvantage which, to your credit, you appear to have overcome.
I’m now seeing you in a new light: a headless Jeff Goldblum-ite uttering the immortal line from hitherknows which orifice, “Life…finds a way!”
I must be barking…

Don’t watch TV these days, so I can’t say about the Mutual of Omaha guy. But in some respects, to quote the inimitable Mr. Kite…


Yeah, but not life as we know it, JIm oops! sorry, Bod


The appearance and vocal soundings of both Ioa and Jennifer have been previously proposed and NEVER DENIED…

Also a while later a picture of Ioa surfaced…

Hopefully that helps.

Idjit. It ain’t the heatin’ of a house that ruins yer pipes. It’s the thawin’ of 'em. That’s why I’ve allus kept my plumbin out-a-doors, where it and its goings-on don’t bother nobody.

I’m quite flattered by Sean Connery voicing my comments, and there is part of me that wishes I were a Scot. I would be less confused myself about my identity than I am as a “citizen of the world who has the veneer of an Englishman” as a result of parentage and education!

So I’m not surprised you’re confused.

Mr X

Piggy, I think you existed in these parts post-Ioa revelation… if so look up the AmberV confession thread. I was devastated.

I’m glad no one has been offended … yet. I’m still sorting out the identities of the rest of y’all. And yes, that’s exactly how i said in the stump.

And bodminbeast, based on the actions and activities of the headed members of our species, the presence of a head has very little to do with thinking. Or communicating. Or even speaking in coherent sentences. Right?

Yep. That’s exactly what he would have said.

When he was explaining the “right way to split firewood”, I learned several new was to proclaim the lack of … skill … someone has. I find them helpful in my daily dealings with the younger generations…

Yes, I’m a relatively modern interloper. Definitely post ioaiffergate (In my mind, Mr Petra’ka is all man).
Although the Utahraptor character in Dinosaur Comics does remind me of Ioa on occasion (for the three shared characteristics of practical intellect, humour, and razor sharp toe claws).

If it helps your mental imagery, I sound exactly like Richard Burton.
(I sound nothing like Richard Burton)

Ioaiffergate… I like that. That was one of the darkest days … I may never recover.

Your sound is already determined.

Is it Richard Burton, cos that’d be pretty accurate?
(I really sound absolutely nothing like Richard Burton)

Unless Richard Burton sounds like frying bacon, no.


As an example of properly engineered Maine plumbing:


Vic-k will have some comment, i’m sure.

I’m thinking, one of those in our Japaneses Garden, between the Acer and the Japanese Prayer Plant… like it, like it. :wink:

Woof! You’ve switched the dark off. Thanks so much. :bulb: 8)

One of the unexpected pleasures from this thread was trying to imagine Sean Connery speaking Chinese. I can almost, but not quite, manage it. I love a challenge…

That, and I should probably watch Mad Max.
[size=85]Although, and this is an important question, am I voiced by Mel Gibson playing Mad Max or the American-accented dubbed version of Mel Gibson playing Mad Max (as per the original US theatrical release)? [/size]