"The file can not be opened it doesn't exists! " Error message!

Please help!

This message popped up and after I clicked okay I closed out everything tried to re open it and now it opens but it is all empty!

I have saved it many times and I been working on this for 3 months now I have over 85K words written this book is supposed to be published in February and I was going over it for the last edits and now it is completely gone.

Can someone please help me? I have no idea whats going on! I been trying to find it on google but I could not find a solution yet.

You mention Google – have you been using Google Drive as the place where you save your project? This is not recommended:


But you should still be able to find backups of the project. Have a look at your preferences in Scrivener and see which folder is configured as the backup folder, then have a look in that folder using Finder.

Thank you for the quick reply. I do not use google drive. I meant that I been searching google for the answer how to get my files back. And no luck so far besides finding this forum.

Would you able to walk me through how to find back ups possibly?

Right now when I click on open recent it just opens an empty file.

So I just find my back up folders, and every single of the back ups are dead empty. whats next? I can not lose over 80 words that were supposed to go the editor this week. Any other suggestions?

You say that you “saved it many times”. Does that mean you have used “File->Save As” to make copies as you went? Is it possible that your work is in one of those copies?

Do you use an external Time Machine backup drive? You could use that to go back in your Scrivener backups folder to find a version that has all your documents intact. You might want to enter the Time Machine interface while browsing the Scrivener backups folder anyway… it’s possible that there are “local snapshots” on your hard drive from before this issue occurred that you could restore from.

Thank you! I will try to do that! Yes I have many different files, I have found the back up folder and the most amount of words I was able to find was 18,543. And the latest 3 saves are completely empty when I open them… Really not sure how that is even possible.

I am going to try the Time Machine! I do have an external one! Thank you! Let you know soon. It would be amazing if that works. So I am basically just able to brwose through the external drive to try to get the files? Or there is process for that.

This article explains how to restore individual files from a Time Machine backup. support.apple.com/guide/mac-hel … h11422/mac

To make it easier on yourself, make sure you have a Finder window open to the Scrivener backups folder. You’ll be looking for backup files with modification dates that match the last time you know you had a good set of words.

Thank you very much!

Okay so may latest back up was October 1st. And for some reason it is the same one. As i was able to recover from my back up folder. Are there any suggestions or any other ways that is possible to possible recover these words at all? I am not sure how it could have disappeared like this.

Also when I click on my time machine file to try to open the one form OCtober one it says Last modified November 21. for the file so is that possible that somehow it was all over written by Scrivener???

If your latest Scrivener backup is too new, then just go back in the Time machine timeline (use the arrow keys) to the previous one.

Once you extract and open a project, the time stamp will change, so you might want to re-name the extracted project with the date stamp for when it was backed up, just to keep from confusing yourself.

I have this same error, but I have not had the data loss. I store the file that has shown the error on my Mac only. Closing and re-opening the file usually makes things return to normal.

Maybe this helps track the issue.

So the problem I am facing is that my Last Time machine which was basically the day off this happened and the one before was about 3 weeks apart. I use an External drive for back ups. And it only does it when I connect it.

And in these 3 weeks apart was literally the time when I have put in all the work. Organized notes. added in interview etc… So the closest one I was able to find was 3 weeks ahead before all that. So I don’t even have the chapters saved.

This was the last recommendations correct to try to find it in Time Machine? There is no other thing in any way to find something somewhere? Anywhere?

The whole idea behind Time Machine is that you are supposed to leave the external drive semi-permanently plugged in to the computer (the exception might be with a laptop when you need to take it away to work somewhere else). With the drive plugged in, Time Machine will save backups at regular intervals (hence the name, Time Machine) so that for the previous 24 hours you have a backup made every hour, for the previous week one backup for every day, and so forth. This allows you to “travel back in time” to previous versions of your work if you need to. If the external drive is not plugged in, Time Machine cannot save any backups.

At this point, it looks like you will have to make a very careful search of your computer’s hard drive, starting with the default backup folder that Scrivener is configured to use. I would seriously consider consulting someone who has greater expertise with Mac computers than you seem to have. If possible, go to an Apple Store and explain the problem. Alternatively, it may be possible to pay a data recovery expert to get the material back from the hard drive. I wish you luck with this – I would dread to lose even a day’s work.

YEs it is a Laptop. So you think that a data recovery expert would able to find some sort of a version of the file? Even though it was over written by the app when it crashed?

I would say “might” rather than “would”. It depends on a lot of factors – including how good the “expert” is, and what sort of equipment they have. If you can go to an Apple Store, I would think it would be a good place to start. In days gone by I managed to “undelete” all sorts of stuff, and I know very little. A good computer scientist might do much, but as I say, it depends.