The First "Virus" I would actually like to be "Infected" by

Ok watch the video closely. … -to-pieces

It is not a hoax but an actual program that uses the accelerometers found in most current Apple Laptops (Since the 12" g4 I think." Apple refers to it as a safety feature. A “Sudden Motion” sensor that detects a falling laptop or harmful vibrations. The sensors moves the HD heads and parks them to protect the spinning platter in the HD (neat).

Well these guys wrote an App that takes advantage of the accelerometer and uses it to display things (watch the video) I want a screeen saver like this!

PS: there is a Widget called the Carpenters Level that takes advantage of the Lap Top’s accelerometer turning it into a Craftsman level (Neat little widget) … ers-level/
There are different versions of the widget for different laptop models…


that is just unreal. if someone did that to my macbook without my knowledge i don’t know what i’d do.
(probably defecate)