The Formatting of Bullets

The below screenshot shows the result when I add a bulleted list. I used indents for the paragraphs with the bullets.

Even if I compile as is, I get a similar result. Is there an easy way to get this to work (indented bullets), or should I give up and use little “o” characters? Thanks.

I’m not that good with Scrivener, but have no idea how you managed to screw it up. :frowning: I do nothing special and my bullets automatically get indented and they are indented when I compile to pdf or html as well. On the left is my scrivener with nothing but selecting bullets and on the right is my pdf compiled version also with nothing special selected. Really just default.

Have you tried doing nothing and just letting Scrivener do the work? Maybe people who know Scrivener better than I can see what I’m missing.

sample bullets.jpg

Was the material with the bullets pasted or otherwise imported from some other rich-text source? If so, tab stops and indents and other such causes of shenanigans can get pulled in with them.

First thing to do is take a look at the tab stops in that area of text. Next is to take a look at the identation settings for those sentences/paragraphs.

I have discovered that the problem lies in Scrivener’s Preview function (on PCs). Compiling to a PDF or ePub, the bullets are formatted correctly. When compiling to a preview, they are not indented correctly.

I get the same results. Compile to preview does not show bullet indents correctly. Just figured I would corroborate the same results on another installation.