The forum hits 10,000 members

Some sort of a landmark has been reached. I just happened to flick my eyes to the bottom of the page and noticed that the number of forum members had clicked over to precisely ten thousand – so it looks like bkantique is member no. 10,000. Congratulations to Keith, Ioa, and all the others who make this such an interesting place to come and let the hours slip by when I should be writing. My days wouldn’t be the same without it. I even used to frequent during the period when I wasn’t using Scrivener, just to find out what was going on! All the best to all of my friends out there.

Cheers, Martin.

At least half of them are alter-egos.

Wot!! 5000 egotistical priests and vicars on board Scriv. Saints preserve us! :open_mouth:

…it accounts for an awful lot of the questionable goings on that ‘go on’.

I’m tempted to say that ALL of them are alter-egos.

10,000 procrastinators.

you forgot “of Ioa”.

I was going to post a link to the thread where that originally came up, but as the last several days have confirmed to me, I am incapable of finding anything useful when I need it or anything useless when I need it.

I need a “handicapped” search hanger for my rear view mirror.