The forums ARE a part of scrivener

No one questions that. Without the forums then scrivener is less than what it is. The most open place to disagree with folks but still get along and use a great piece of software. Support for scriv is primarily through the forum. Sanity (on insanity) for the uses of scriv is also highly influenced by the forums. So my wish for a simple improvement to the forum IS LEGITIMATE.

You want to disagree then go complain to someone who isn’t me and unless you are KB complain on a different thread. And yes I am in a mode and not having a good day. Deal.

KB, why can’t you have the refresh on the BB forums be something sane like 30 sec? that way when i read a post that I don’t’ give a rats arse about it shows up as read when i hit the back button? Please? Then I won’t spend so much time ranting about how I hate the cmd-R refresh thing and can get back to pretending to write whilst instead shooting post-apocolyptic creatures in Fallout New Vegas.

See. you save the world with this one simple wish list add.

The forums are just the standard PHPBB ones, so I’m afraid your wish is over my head (whoosh). :slight_smile:

Are you okay, there, Jaysen? I hope you are in a better “mode” soon! :slight_smile:

You now I love you, right? And while I would never offer to bear your children I would never do anything to make you look bad. You know that right?

All the other PHPBB forums work as requested. So I kind of all BS.

Please re-read the preamble.

If I figure it out will you implement it?

:open_mouth: Is this really Jaysen or has someone taken over his account?

There’s no “BS” - as I said, it’s over my head; I know very little about the PHPBB forums, only getting my hands dirty when I absolutely have to.

But sure, if there’s just a checkbox you know about somewhere, let me know…

You’re attempting to reason with a Mature Student. Numpty has gone back to school. Stoodients at the best of times, are feckin’ ‘ard work…you know that!! Matooer Stoodients are even more of a pain in the arse than the others. You’ll have to master the Mature, dialect of Stoodient, in order to communicate with him.
Good luck…y’ gonna need it :frowning:


to pages that need to be dynamically updated when someone hits the back button.

Stupid “bandwidth consumption police” decided that the “back button” would no longer actually check to see if the page expired, but would simply reload from the disk cache. Stupid morons.

This would be a bad idea on the “whole” site, but on the “new-posts” page not such a bad idea. If you really wanted to do it smooth you would do it in the apache config.

<LocationMatch "/forum/search.php"> <IfModule mod_headers.c> Header set Cache-Control "max-age=0, no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate" Header set Pragma "no-cache" Header set Expires "Wed, 11 Jan 1984 05:00:00 GMT" </IfModule> </LocationMatch>

And no, it is not out of the box. So once again KB proves his superiorosity. I hang my headlessness in shame.

It might also depend on the browser you’re using. I notice that in IE the refresh is as you want but in Chrome and Firefox you have to manually refresh.

Actually it is a well documented (and I already knew) difference in “speed” perception. Chrome/FF have the ability to disable “back” cache through the hidden preferences sett able in the about:config section. Safari does not allow this without more hacking that I don’t really want to get into as there are evil demons that lurk in those recesses of my world. And by that I mean vic-k may be hiding in there some where and while I enjoy his company he can be really really scary at night.

In general though, sites that leverage dynamic content should be cache aware and utilize cache controls to ensure the best possible end user experience. I can boar dead people with this topic until they choose to rise and answer the unanswerable question for KB (turtle or no) but since most folks just want me to shut the heck up by now I will simply suggest to my hero, Mr Blount that he request my secondary hero (while simultaneously my most hated internet villain) AmberV implement the mentioned apache config setting to make me … less likely to be obnoxious.

And if this make little to no sense you can thank the pharmaceutical companies. I am higher than a kite and it is completely legal. People go to jail for this and I get to do it all again in a few hours! WHEEEEEEE!

Speaking of wee I think I need to find the bathroom.

Using Safari, I notice that after I’ve made a post, I use the left arrow on top menu to “View Active Topics,” and that page never shows my post, because I am going backward in the cache. So I just hit Refresh (hard return in the address window), and the new post is there. Makes sense to me. I no longer use the Apple RSS feed because it didn’t show enough of posts for me to decide if I wanted to read them or not.

But Jaysen probably has a legit point, though I wonder if trying some other way to read RSS might be helpful. For a while I used NetNewsReader, and I liked it, but later dropped it and can’t remember why. The Google News Reader is not bad, especially if ad-blocked with a Safari extension. You just tap J or K to move down or up the feed list, and it’s easy to mark, e-mail, comment, or send a PM.

Anyway, after J has had his wee and adjusted his meds :open_mouth: we’ll see if his perception of a problem continues. I definitely agree with his main thesis, the forums ARE a part of Scrivener.

Me too.


Let me make the point: Safari improperly reloads from cache on the back button to provide a fast user experience. FF and Opera allow the user to choose a reload or cache and IE has never been … I’ll stop there. This is an actual violation of RFC spec by Safari for dynamic pages such as those created by phpbb. The fix I suggested will impact only the search page where the idea that “I already chocked that one” will be universally useful. That and those of us that use the “new posts” will benefit as that is just a fancy search.

So really this is apple saying “we know what you need even though you don’t want it so suck it” which makes them not all that different from that other company that I will not mention.

So KB, what do you say?

Perhaps a group session of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, is called for.

I am inclined to agree with Professor Fluff.
Do take care,
Dr. Mulality

Just for you, I have asked my best website bod to look at it as soon as he gets chance (although considering how hectic we are at the moment, it may be a few days).

And just for you I will use scrivener in my IT demonstration for “distance learning techniques”. Current attendance is 300. I will use both the glorious version and that other one. The one on the system that shall remain nameless as I tend to use bad words when naming it.

Thanks, Jaysen! Much appreciated. Have a great weekend!