"The fun-est thing to do in Portland..."?

Any Scrivenista* participants?

*For new readers: forumites have observed from time to time a relative concentration of contributors from Portland, Oregon – including Ioa, of course.

…and known by the moniker ‘Bilge rattus rattus’! They’re everywhere. :frowning:


[size=50]Do. Not. Tell. My. Most. Revered. Mother, who lives near the area and has taken to bicycling.[/size]


(Sigh. Wish we could live there, or thereabouts.) … Not for zoobombing, though! (terrrrifying.)

:exclamation: :exclamation:

The list of answers to the question raised in the topic hedading is extensive and rich with wonders natural and urban, but for perusers of this forum and users of the associated product, I imagine here would be a good place to start, even more than zoobombing.

Which begs the question: Why so many?

  • Does Portland have a higher-than-average number of writers?
  • Does KB have an extensive TV and print media advertising campaign in Portland, but ran out of marketing budget for the rest of the world?
  • Are we all just a figment of Ioa’s imagination?


(never been to Portland)

Can’t speak to the last two points, but the answer to #1 does seem to be “probably,” perhaps because of some unholy combination of months of soggy weather (forcing us indoors) plus plentiful strong coffee and tea and microbrews. I’m not sure how that explains all those bikes, zoo bombers and otherwise, though…

Portland is — and I assumed everyone knew — merely a state of mind. The vasty reaches of Northwest US are largely uninhabited, there being little there to challenge or amuse the curious soul. I observed a few traces of civilized activity around John Day; west of there, boundless and bare, the lone and level sands stretch far away.

I apologize to any, particularly among those not resident in the US, for the continual insistence of a few mean-spirited practical jokers who wish to delude the innocent.

For shame!


ain’t no farkin’ innocents aboard this stinkin’ rotten old pirate tub, matey…ugh!

None who come aboard and stay, if once innocent (a dubious claim, to be sure), remain so for long. But that is one of the primary reasons for coming aboard, is it not? Really, what – beyond the borders of on-line sleaze – is the market value of innocence?

This do be a commercial globe, matey, and therefore a commercial tub as well.


Ahh, Mr Phil. You would initiate a debate more enduring than the adjoining TFA thread.

Keep your eyes on the doughnut. Look not away.

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