The future of Journler

I mentioned elsewhere that there seemed to be some doubt about the future of Journler. The developer has now clarified this. In short: he is backing out of development but will look for someone to take over. He seems genuinely keen to make sure existing users don’t suffer. … php?t=3925

Lone developer creates a wildly succesful application and then gets overwhelmed by the demands of creating upgrades, maintaining support etc and, is then forced to abandon ship if he is to have any sort of life…

There’s a lesson in here for somebody… :wink:

Not that I want anything to happen, but I would hate it if Keith became so overwhelmed with the demands of development that he felt compelled to abandon Scriv in order to have any sort of life.

I think that is why KB has asked DMJ to help. If you go to the thread KB posted talking about DMJ you will see what I mean. KB seems to have a pretty good handle on the whole “balance” thing.

Just don’t criticize the original Star Wars trilogy. That would be catastrophic.

Sad, but good luck to him in his search for new horizons. I am happy with the app as it stands, at least in the cursory way I use it – and at least the developer hasn’t enthusiastically abandoned development of the core feature set in favour of some half-baked iPhone version, which is the usual fate of applications I use, and with which I am increasingly losing patience! :slight_smile: