The ghost of 3000 words

This is a little complicated, so I’m not sure what the initial bug was; I’ll just lay it all out in as much detail as I can remember.

I have imported a project into Scrivener. I had been chunking a chapter into individual scenes, and therefore had a substantial amount of text on the clipboard. I created a new chapter-folder, and the program seemed to have inserted the entirety of that clipboard text as the title of that new chapter-folder. I deleted that, and renamed it “Chapter”, and thought no more of it.

A little later, I noticed that my project word-count had gone up by a little more than 3000 words (a problem, as I’m actually trying to cut out 50,000 words… I know, I’m all backwards for November :slight_smile: ). I went hunting for the extra text, and noticed this anomaly in my overview:

The third chapter records as having 3245 words in the chapter-folder. It also has a different icon, with a little worded page over the folder icon. Except I cannot find those words, or that document. I can’t seem to get it up on the screen, and when I compile (including the chapter folder and the document beneath it) those words don’t show up - it goes straight from the document under the second chapter-folder, to the document under the third chapter-folder. The words allegedly in the third chapter-folder don’t seem to exist, except for word-count purposes.

Mostly just reporting this to be a helpful (or irritating) beta-citizen, but if there’s some way I could fix this - or some way in which I’m using this program “wrong” that I can correct - that would be great.
I was using 0.0.35 when this occurred, but I have just updated to 0.4.9 and everything still looks the same. I’m on Windows 7.

Edited to add: I’ve now deleted the titles of the chapter-folders, making them “Untitled”. Except that that pesky third chapter-folder keeps renaming itself to the text that got copied in there when I first created it.

So in a fit of brilliance that probably should have occurred to me earlier, I’ve created a new folder, moved the chapter3 text into it, and deleted the haunted chapter-folder. Problem solved for me, though I suppose the bug-instance stands as a curiosity.

Not sure what to suggest here.

Since you know what the text must contain (it is being used to retitle the chapter), have you tried doing a search for a portion of that text string?

Go to the little magnifying glass in the search box at the top right of the screen,
Click on it to reveal the search options
Make sure the folowingthings are ticked:
-Exact phrase
-Search ‘Included’ documents
-Search ‘Excluded’ documents

And then run a search for you known text string. Hopefully that will reveal the text in shining yellow highlihgt along with the surrounding text, and you can delete it from there.

Delete the offending chapter and create a new one - making sure your text sub-doc is safely moved somewhere else temporarily first of course.

To see a folder’s text editor you need to turn off its group view mode. When you click on a folder the program will by default show you a corkboard or outliner instead of the folder content. So click the relevant icon in the header bar (outliner in this case) to view the text. Is this considered to be a preferred choice. Future clicks on folders will view their editors until you manually change back to a group view mode.

As for why it didn’t compile; check the Formatting compile options pane. Most of the built-in presets do not export folder text, just their names; make them a convenient place to stash chapter notes.

I’m not sure if this will happen in the manner described, but as a default Scrivener will rename an Untitled document to the first bit of text in the file. Usually that only happens after creating a new item.

Some good pointers in there that I will be able to use in future, thank you!

Good to know! It does indeed make it handy.

I’ve noticed this myself, but this one seemed to have got its needle stuck. Never mind, the power of delete put it in its place.

Thanks again!