The Ghosts Of Snapshots Past

Hey everybody :slight_smile:

I have this end-of-year routine where I use a search to round up all snapshot files from my current writing project that are older than two years and I just cmd+a and del them. I’m cruel like that.

Now i’ve noticed that my files are being haunted by the angry spirits of those murdered snapshots, namely in the form of titles in the snapshot view. No text is displayed when I select them, since the text was deleted, but the title is still there.

Since I am too lazy to klick through two hundred documents manually to find old snapshots I’ve tried to figure out where in the project files this info is kept but all my searches came up empty. So, could someone tell me which file I need to edit in order to exorcise those poor ghosts of snapshots past?

Thank you!

I gather you are doing this outside Scrivener (i.e. you are using the Finder to directly manipulate the file contents of your Scriv project) and in this way you have orphaned a lot of entries in Scriv’s database.

I wonder if causing Scriv to re-index the project would mend things? (I really don’t think you want to hack the main db file of your proj, so let’s hope.)


Indeed, I am using EasyFind

You mean re-do the search index? If yes, that didn’t do anything. If no: Could you tell me how to re-index a project?

Short version: don’t do that. More generally, never use any tool other than Scrivener itself to manipulate the contents of a Scrivener project.

There is a master index file for the project. It still has an entry for each of the removed snapshots, even though they no longer exist. (Essentially the same problem can be seen with some kinds of synchronization conflict.) Short of hand-editing that file, which I don’t recommend, the best answer is going to be to delete the “blank” snapshots within Scrivener as you encounter them.


Just to add that 3.0 will make this sort of thing much easier, too. It has a Snapshots Manager, so you can see all snapshots in the project and delete any old ones in batch rather than having to go through document-by-document.

Okay then.
Btw. is there a post that explains the function of all the constituents of a .scriv folder? I’m curious.

Ooooh, I like that! :smiley:
And I really love Scrivener. I recently badgered my best friend into trying it. She’s a convert now.

Appendix F of the Mac Scrivener manual has an overview.


Hi, it’s been a while and aged snapshots have become a problem again.

Soooo, could you implement a function in the snapshot manager that allows you to sort snapshots not by document but by the time they were created? That would be very helpful, now that deleting all snapshots of a document no longer leaves an empty folder that’s also easy to find and to delete… I really need my archive folder to feel neat and tidy -.-

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