The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Unfortunately, you know the software is good when the hackers post a serial number for it. A friend of mine is a developer, and he watches the hackers to see if they have posted serial numbers for his software. Since I have been raving to him about Scrivener he told me that it must be popular as they have posted a serial for it! Man, that was quick.

Thanks for the heads up - someone else just PM’d me to say the same. I have e-mailed eSellerate, as I am not too happy that their supposedly very safe serial number generating code was so easy to crack.

There is code built into Scrivener that I could uncomment so that uses have to activate the program online, but I don’t like software that does that. So I suppose I’ll just blacklist any such serial numbers so that they don’t work for future versions and hope that those who use them wouldn’t have bought the app anyway…

Grumble. Still, at least it means Scrivener is getting noticed, I suppose. Next I just have to hope it gets noticed by the right people…


Scrivener is such a bargain that I cannot see, for the life of me, why anyone would want to pirate it.

I hope – and perhaps believe – that most writers who actually use Scrivener will pay for it. The vast majority of pirates will just be fiddling for a while with yet another piece of software.

BTW, great Handle/Icon f451.


Astonishing really. Scriv is such a game changer that people should be clamouring to pay for it. (Most of the members of this forum did just that.)

It’s weird that people are willing to steal from the Keiths of the world whose brilliant work makes their lives so much better.

It’s not like we have a bunch of Cyberian Jean Valjeans out there who are starving for software. I’ll bet they all pay outrageous prices for their double skinny Starbucks lattes.

$35! Give me a break. Take a date to a movie. By the time you’ve parked, paid for your tickets, and bought cokes for two, you’ve already spent more for 120 minutes of pap than Keith is asking for an app that can change your life.

Grrrrrr :smiling_imp:


EDIT Post Script. And the guy’s even made Scriv Gold available for free to anyone who wants it. Grrrrr

These people suck. Period!! :imp:

Thieves are worthless pigs. Hopefully they will remain a small, useless percentage of the population.

I bought a license as soon as I learned v1.0 was out and, Keith, I want to thank you. Most of my writing is now done in Scrivener. Yesterday, I got 3500 words down and loved every minute of it. Full screen is terrific, so is the cork board.

Thanks again.


OK. It’s Award Night. The Academy is making its lugubrious speech. You are the year’s best Screenwriter/Novelist/Pulitzer Prize winner - or whatever.

…and this year we present the award to XXXX XXXX.

You make your lugubrious speech:

I would like to thank my mum and my best friend, Jim Beam. But most of all I could not have done it without Scrivener, which I pirated, because basically deep down I’m a s#%t!

Yeah! Right on.


…for respecting your legal customers. Digital piracy is so sad and unfortunate that I can see why a developer would opt for something like online authorization – at least you’re trying to give honest users the benefit of the doubt. Much appreciated.

P.S. About that Academy Awards speech thing above: LL is on to something. Keith, you should seriously consider offering a free lifetime license to any writer who thanks Scrivener at the Oscars. [/i]

Have been working with the trial copy of Scrivener for about a week, trying to make sure that it was as good as I thought it was at first blush. I have tried SO many writing apps (Word, Pages, Ulysees, Jer’s Novel Writer, Mellel - plus many notebook apps as well as Devonthink) but none of them offered the exact combination of features that I had hoped to find. Then, along came Scrivener and it seemed that the developer knew exactly what I needed!

Plus the price is very, very reasonable. Hopefully, it will sell large volumes, and make the effort worthwhile.

This weekend, I used it for the first time with a real project, using the very powerful organizational capability of the outliniing function to structure text for a web application our firm is building. I was actually delaying my purchase decision so that I could try it out with a few more projects to be absolutely sure, but I was reasonably certain from this weekend’s experience that I would have proceeded with the purchase.

Then, I saw the posts on the forum about the serial number being pirated. I immediately purchased my licence to send a message: Those of us who think and write for a living value the tools that help us do a better job and we value those who make those tools for us. As creators we have an obligation to support and reward that effort. If we don’t, we won’t have (and will not deserve) the benefits that they offer.

I hope that the result of this piracy is an increased volume of sales. That may be wishful thinking, but it would be entirely appropriate.

Thank-you for Scrivener. I find writing a very painful process. Your program makes it somewhat easier. I’m glad it’s here.

Thank you very much for the support and for the kind words about Scrivener - to all who have posted. :slight_smile: I am in the middle of talking to eSellerate about all this, but ultimately, I guess this sort of thing is inevitable; and I suppose I should be flattered that it happened so quickly. :slight_smile: You can be sure that I will do my utmost not to let this affect registered (or potential) users: I still want to try to avoid online activation, as I know I find that annoying myself.

-edited out for personal info! Suffice to say I am coming from the no-money except for groceries, travel, text books & tuition fees part of the world. No I don’t go out, buy cds, etc etc. Also have no way to buy things online anymore, Scrivener used up the last drop of my uk bank account.-

:frowning: I will raise my hand and say I have pirated software in the past, mainly out of necessity, although I keep track of the ‘good ones’ and have then picked up licenses for them when I have had a bit of spare cash later on. At the moment it is all open source, free applications where possible (e.g. Bibdesk, Vienna, Adium, Quicksilver, Actiontastic) over even low-price solutions, but sometimes you don’t get a choice if something is a market standard.

Yus, it sucks that software developers get ripped off, but there are plenty of reasons why a great app gets ripped off, even at a low price. I’m just glad I had some cash left on my old paypal for scrivener, else I would still be struggling along in Word.

I’ve not met someone yet who hasn’t used a torrent site for MP3s, and CDs are hardly expensive if you go to the right places :unamused: Bargain doesn’t come into it - any money over free? People will always try and get something for nothing.

So, yeah. Don’t lynch me.