The greatest look for paragraphes


Always starting to use Scrivener, which needs some efforts :confused:

I would like to be sure that all my paragarphes will have the same look in my document.

Usually, with word, I have a paragraph style with some attributes for the space before and, or after (most of cases is 6 pt before and after).

But in Scrivener I don’t find how manage the paragrah characteristics. For the moment, I have to insert a carriage return between each paragraph , select all of them and then choose a less space (0,5 line).

How is it possible to affect automatically the paragraph with a style, including the space before and after the text?

Thanks for your help
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And if you create a formatting preset it will save the paragraph spacing. And don’t forget you can bind Scrivener formatting presets to keyboard shortcuts in system preferences. This makes applying paragraph and text presets very easy.

That’s very kind of you.
Thanks…and that works :smiley:

You can set the default paragraph formatting under “Formatting” in Scrivener > Preferences. Access spacing there via the menu nontroppo referenced or from the drop-down spacing menu in the formatting bar above the sample text. (Choose “Other…” from the pop-up menu to bring up the panel for setting before/after paragraph spacing.)

New documents will start with this default formatting, so unless you change the paragraph formatting while working, either manually or by pasting in text with other paragraph formatting, you won’t need to be regularly applying a formatting preset to the text. You can also convert existing documents to this formatting by selecting them in the binder and choosing Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style.

Though it is worthwhile to remember that Scrivener gives you the freedom to set up the look of your working text as you like to see it when working on it – which does not have to be (and for many isn’t) how you would want it to look upon output (aka compile).


That is the most important trouble for me to understand that Scrivener doesn’t seem to be a Wysywyg software, in spite of there are many possibilities to change the appearence of the text in the edition window.