The header and footer?

Hi all,

I am new to Scrivener hence the seemingly simple question!

I need to have the same title in my header on every page of my document, along with a page number on the footer. Although I know how to type in the header manually, I don’t know how to apply it to the whole document. Is there a way I can set Scrivener to automatically apply the title to the header of every new page? Also, I have no idea how to put page numbers on my document! How do I do that?!

Any help will be much appreciated!


Look at the Compile options. On the Mac, it’s under Page Settings.


Hi Katherine,

Thanks for your reply.

I have the Windows version but I cannot find any of those options!

I have Page Setup but it doesn’t let me do anything as it says I have no valid printer. Also, I go to Compile but there are no header or footer options there either.


I know that “Name - Page#” headers are are typically included when submitting a manuscript. For myself, to deal with this as the program is currently, I would compile to Open Office or Word and add my header there.

This will be coming, but unfortunately it’s not in the compile settings yet, so you’ll need to add your page header and footer in a word processor after you bring your manuscript out of Scrivener.

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your help. :slight_smile: