The Hit List Card View

Can this be simulated in Scrivener?

Is this a Scrivener tech support question? It would really help if you posted a screenshot as I am not familiar with the app.

I am aware of this feature, but I am not sure what precisely you are looking for in that application. It displays a single index card per task, and allows you to easily mark down notes for that task as you work on it. Scrivener’s index cards have similar fields in that they have a title and a text area, and a few meta-data indicators (off by default). So Corkboard view should do what you want. Granted the default layout options for the Corkboard show more than one card at once. If what you are looking for is that level of focus on a single item at a time, then you could right-click on the Corkboard background and select one card across from the list of options. You might see two or even three cards stacked on top of one another, but either splitting the editor horizontally or adjusting the vertical height of the window should make it so that you can only see one at a time. By using the arrow keys, you could “flip” from one card to the next. Is that roughly what you are looking for?