The impending Release 3 and App Store?

Just a little confused around the App Store release.
For the Mac.
V2 which I currently have will no longer update from the App Store.
V3 will be placed on the App Store and be a full purchase.
… if I want the update to v2 I send proof of purchase and load from the l&l website, and from that point on, acquire updates not from the App Store, but from l&l direct.

… if I want to do future updates from the App Store, I buy the new version outright from the App Store, which will install alongside v2 I presume.

And for iOS it just continues to update as normal from the iOS App Store?

Hmmm ok.
Now, if I purchased from the App Store, which I did, very recently, how does anything know about my purchase?

Presumably you got an email from Apple when you bought from the App Store. If you can’t find the email, you can get it from iTunes (Account > View My Account > Show Purchases – and click on the order number). That should be enough proof I would have thought – you could always email Lit&Lat if you’ve got concerns.

Moving to the non-App Store version is probably a good thing anyway – the developers get more of your money, and the App Store version has a small number of (minor) limitations which the standard version doesn’t have.

Also the standard licence is so generous (basically anybody living with you can use it on any Mac computer) that one of the normal advantages of the App Store doesn’t count for Scrivener.

Once you’ve installed the standard version, then you’re told about updates automatically and in my experience the process has always been seamless.

As you can probably tell, I think this is a good opportunity for you to move to the standard version… :wink:


I have Scrivener 2 from App Store and I will move to standard version with v3.

Should I uninstall the v2 App Store version before or after the installation of the new downloaded v3?

Thank you,

You can do neither if you prefer. :slight_smile: For example there is no need to rush into adoption with important projects, you can take your time and figure out the new program while continuing to use v2 for a thesis with a deadline in a month. But if you do want to just straight move up and update all of the projects you’re working on—it doesn’t really matter what order you do it in. They are two entirely different programs that happen to share the same file format (.scriv), and as far as the Mac is concerned that’s little different than having Preview and Adobe Reader both capable of loading .pdf files.

Thank you!

Hi Ioa, for people who want to keep Scrivener 2 and 3 installed in parallel do you have a preferred method (renaming to works fine for me, but my Scrivener 2 is not an app store version)?

I don’t have too much experience working with MAS programs to be clear, so I might not have the best advice. From what I’ve seen Apple tends to assume that it owns “Scrivener” and so if there is an update or one deletes it and decides to reinstall it later, it can trample over whatever is called “Scrivener” in the /Applications folder. So given that, it might be best to rename the new one to “Scrivener-3” or whatever suits you until you’re sure you just want the one version going forward.

I find that renaming an older version will not affects its running (with the exception of Apple’s apps), nor that of the later version.

The problem, in my view, is in both versions using the same preference files / Application Support folder. Better (IMO) to set up a new user account and use one of the versions there until happy with v3, and then upgrade in the main user account.

The application support folder may be an issue, but the preference files are named differently between V2 and V3 (very boringly by putting a 2 or a 3 at the end…)

I gave up using V2 back in the spring, after a week of using the beta of V3 (it was very solid even then), so I don’t really have any other advice, sorry.

I’ve been running two versions of Scrivener 2 (App Store and direct sale) plus the Scrivener 3 beta for quite some time with no issues. Just rename the programs in your Applications folder so that you can tell which is which.


That may be true in some programs, but I think that would be overkill with Scrivener for a few reasons:

  • They don’t use the same internal application ID, which means they don’t share a preference file.

  • It is true they would share an Application Support folder in some cases, but there are two important caveats:
    [*] If you’re migrating from the MAS as per the OP: they in fact do not. The old version will be using a sandboxed area to store program settings. The direct-sale version uses the standard location for storing application data. That in fact could maybe use a FAQ come to think of it—as one might want to migrate some of their old settings out of the MAS. Added to the list!

  • Even if they do share folders it’s not a problem. Old project templates will work in v3, the only difference is that every time you use one it will automatically update the format of the project you create with it before opening it. It does mean you can have templates that v2 can’t use, but just ignore them and you’ll be fine—nothing bad will happen if you make a mistake, it will just say it can’t open the project after trying to create it. Compile settings don’t overlap. Styles don’t overlap, that’s project-based now. Backups could use the same folder but we specifically changed the naming convention so that v3 wouldn’t blow away old v2 backups.
    In short: we’ve planned for the two to play together well all along, and I’ve been using them together for years with no ill effects.[/*:m]
    There is one thing we are aware of that can get a little confused that we can’t do much about, and that is Apple’s Services feature. Both programs will generate their own Services and in the past I’ve had them get their wires crossed. Or maybe I just activated the wrong ones, I don’t know, it gets a little confusing. So if you like that feature that may be one reason to uninstall v2 sooner than later.