The inevitable insertion point

I stare at that blinking line but to no avail, nothing appears.
I stare for hours and it still blinks in a monotonous manner. I think my heartbeat is starting to follow the rhythm of the insertion line.

I have tried full screen, changed colors, tried block insertion point, tried disabling insertion point blinking but to no avail my page remains blank.

Why did I get a laptop with a wireless connection? Surf the internet in a mind numbing manner, distracted.

Ahh the inevitable insertion point is hypnotic. It is the center of my block,

Maybe I will close the lid and step away from the computer for a few minutes. Maybe I will go around and turn on my neighbors’ outside faucets as a distraction to my writers block.

to be continued…

When I want to get some writing done, I keep my MacBook disconnected from both wired and wireless networks so that I have to make a conscious choice to slack off.