The Inspector within full screen mode.

Okay, I’ll get the sycophantic praises out of the way first. Having used Scrivener for a while now, great program. Fit’s like a pair of gloves. Writers gloves of course. The way you can customise it to your own needs is great. For instance, I found the other evening that in full screen mode, dropping the page color to a deep, dark green, and darkening the text left me in almost total darkness. Great for writing, I thought. Quiet, dark environment, mind flowing with ideas, let’s get to it…

Anyway, the day I can find a keyboard with glowing keys I’ll get back to that idea. :blush:

My problem, however, is not where to buy a keyboard but how I can keep the inspector, at a fixed size, within full screen mode? I like to have my page aligned to the left, at a large size, then the inspector to the right. I use it for keywords, notes and research photos. My only problem is, everytime I have to pop out of full screen mode, for whatever reason, on my return, the inspector has gone, along with all my fine tuning of it’s position and size. :frowning:

Obviously this is not a life threatening problem. And, I’m sure, given a few years I will be able to return to a, reasonably, normal lifestyle. Meanwhile, any suggestions would be appreciated. :smiley:

You’ll be pleased to hear that your wishes have already been granted. :slight_smile: Full screen inspector settings are remembered in Scrivener 1.1, which will be available as a free update sometime next week (before the 26th, when Leopard comes out). In the meantime, you can download the 1.1 beta (1.09) from the Beta Testing forum (the beta remembers everything about the inspector except for the splitter position - that, too, is fixed in 1.1).

All the best,

Thankyou Keith, the splitter position was something I had forgotten to mention. That’s great news, look forwards to it. And again, many thanks. :smiley: