The (interim) manual with Scriv 2.0 preview

I was trying to find out exactly what the ‘Inspect’ section of the ‘View’ menu does.

The user manual doesn’t include this in section A.4 as far as I can see. I was wondering what the ‘Inspect’ options actually change - I played around with them a bit but they seem to ‘reset’ to ‘Notes’ whatever I do and I couldn’t see any obvious change in the display anywhere else.

Other things I noticed about section A.4:

  • It describes the first menu option as being ‘Combined Text’, whereas in the Scriv 2.0 preview it is either ‘Document’ or ‘Scrivenings’ depending on whether you have a single or multiple document selected in the binder.

  • It doesn’t include ‘Zoom’ in the list of menu items, but this is incorrectly included later as a sub-item within the ‘Editor’ sub-menu.

  • It describes ‘Swap Documents’ as a sub-selection of ‘Layout’, but the menu in Scriv lists this as ‘Swap Editors’

  • The ‘All Layouts’ menu item doesn’t appear unless you’ve actually created a layout. The manual implies this but isn’t explicit on it, a minor point I know!

  • The ‘Editor’ sub-menu is documented as having the item “Show Titles in Combined Text” which should read “Show Titles in Scrivenings”

  • It is also documented as having the item “Alternate Editor” which should read “Other Editor”

  • “Page Layout” refers to the menu entry called “Page View”

I think that was all. Sorry if I’m jumping the gun here, I know that the docs are a work in progress.

The new manual format is beautiful by the way, very readable and friendly :slight_smile:


So yes, part of what is still a work in progress with the manual are the menus, preferences, and some aspects of compile. All three of these were a moving target right up until the last moment, and so some of the last minute revisions aren’t in there yet. I think the Help menu isn’t even documented at all, amusingly.

The Inspect menu is very simple. It’s just there to provide menu and keyboard access to each of the individual Inspector panes, and that makes it possible for people to customise these shortcuts—which wasn’t possible in 1.x. They should be working just fine though. Maybe now that you know what they are, try again and see if they work more predictably. I’ve never had a problem with the keyboard shortcuts at any rate. If you can find a case where they malfunction, post a bug report.

“Combined Text” is another thing that was all over the place until a week or so ago. :slight_smile: We didn’t want to use Edit Scrivenings, because the new integration kind of strips the necessity for having a verb. Scrivenings simply are. You view them as you would a Corkboard.

I skimmed over the rest of your notes, and they are all last minute menu changes as well. That’ll all get cleaned up! Thanks for going through everything and marking stuff down.

And thank you for reading it, too! :wink:

Aha, I see - yes, it does change the panes in the inspector.

A few clicks reveals everything works as you describe :slight_smile:

I was initially thrown by the fact that if you select ‘Synopsis’, then go back to the menu item it still has the ‘Notes’ option checked, although the cursor is positioned in the ‘Synopsis’ pane of the Inspector. If you re-select ‘Notes’ then it does indeed position the cursor on the ‘Document Notes’ pane in the Inspector.

I am not sure if that’s a bug or not, but I thought I’d mention it here as we were in context in this thread!


Exactly. You can jump straight to the card no matter what you are doing with that shortcut (it will even open the inspector if it has to—though you’ll need to tap it twice in that case. If any of these shortcuts are used to reveal—they are view only so as to not disturb the writing process—second tap will move the focus into the corresponding (sub)pane), and it will just use the last pane that was open since the card can appear over the first three—in your case that happened to be notes.

Or, hmm. They should be. It looks like the first tap on reveal steals focus from the editor and lands it nowhere.

Brilliant, thanks muchly for clearing that up :slight_smile:

So yes, if I select any of Notes, References, Keywords, Snapshots or Comments&Footnotes the focus stays in the editor and the corresponding menu item is checked.

If I select ‘Synopsis’ for the first time, it immediately puts the focus in the Synopsis in the Inspector, and leaves ‘Notes’ checked.

Selecting any of them a second time removes focus from the editor. I don’t have any keywords or references defined at the moment, so it appears to go nowhere.

(And yes, if I hide the Inspector, the focus evaporates on reveal)


Additional observation:

  • Display some text in the editor
  • Position the cursor on some random line of text
  • Hide the Inspector
  • Invoke View->Inspect->Synopsis (the Inspector appears, no visible input focus)
  • Press ‘c’

The line you had your cursor parked at turns into Scriptwriting mode.

Hopefully this makes some kind of sense to you :slight_smile:


Ahhh! I know exactly what you are talking about without even trying it. I thought we squashed this bug weeks ago. :slight_smile:

Wonderful, I shall stop scratching my head and leave it in your capable hands.

In my day job, I write Deep Packet Inspection applications running in-line on custom hardware in peering nodes and DSLAMs etc. Writing fiction keeps me sane! I can’t tell you how nice it is to be a user and have someone else track the bugs down for once :slight_smile:

You guys do an awesome job.


Ah ha, you are a packet snoop! I shall keep my BitTorrent client hidden. Doesn’t exist. Nope!

compare_global_packet_32(AMBERV_IP, ==, ipv4_sourceaddress) :FURTHER_PROBE
    // It's AmberV! Look the other way!

    // Here be dragons




Ah, right… There’s a general minor bug whereby opening the inspector causes the focus to go nowhere (which also caused the script element menu go get the focus for some reason). I’ve just fixed it force the correct view to get the focus.

Regarding the ticks, it is correct that “Synopsis” never gets ticked - only one of the five main views gets ticked. I’ve just put a dividing line between “Synopsis” and the other items to indicate that they are slightly different in behaviour (“Synopsis” reveals the synopsis in whatever pane it appears, the others select and indicate which pane is visible). Hmm, although for full screen mode and QR panels where the synopsis is a separate pane that doesn’t make quite as much sense… Oh well.

One other bug I noticed while testing this is that if you have the synopsis collapsed and choose Inspect > Synopsis, the synopsis doesn’t expand as it should. I’ve fixed this too.