The Jane Austin Book Club

I just came across the trailer for a new movie called “The Jane Austin Book Club” that opens in the US in September. It looks as if a small group of attractive women gather to discuss Jane Austin, but what transpires is more a romantic comedy than a semi-formal discussion of English literature.

What caught my attention is that Maria Bello is one of the stars. I am a fan of hers not so much because she is beautiful, but because she made it big rather late in life for a female actress, late 30s. Her big break came in starring in “The Cooler.”

Here’s the link to the trailer:


I love Karen Joy Fowler, but my spidersense is tingling like this movie is going to ditch the writing in favour of ultimate chick-flickery - cute stubbly hunks and lonely pretty women in flower prints and chunky knit sweaters.

Glad to see from the link to the trailer that it’s actually ‘Jane Austen’. :open_mouth:


Me too!!!