The Joys of Being a Mac Developer

Clearly no one should bother writing Mac apps any more: … scrivener/


No, but please be quick to release the iOS version! :slight_smile:

Bet y’ loved that…eh Kev? :wink: :smiley:

Why’s that, Kev? :confused:


Well, someone who has actually used Scapple has now written in a spirited defense.

Hang in there, KB. No matter what reviewers say, good or bad,

They are always wrong. :smiling_imp:

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Of course I loved that bit! It was only the bit about iOS that made me sob at the end of a long day. The reviewer is a long-time Scrivener user and a nice chap, and Cult of Mac have been very good to us - I have no complaints, really! It’s just painful to spend time crafting a Mac app, only for the first public comment anywhere about it to be that it should have been an iOS app. :slight_smile: Surely software should be judged against the platform the developer built it for? Ah well, I knew we’d just get requests for an iOS version before it was even out of beta, and I take it as a compliment, heh.


Having read this, I’m going to remove my previous post, but the fact is that that is the first time I’ve ever looked at anything on Cult of Mac, and the impression it gave me was totally negative. I think the way it’s worded is appalling, leave alone the comment about iOS. I’m glad he has been good to you.


This is something that upsets me about reviewers in general. IE, when you read reviews of gigs or albums from people who clearly aren’t into that artist anyway. If you aren’t the target audience, don’t review the damn album.

I once read a review of an R.E.M. album that started with broadly along the lines of “I haven’t liked any of R.E.M.'s output for the past twenty years. Is this latest offering a return to form?
Listen, dude. If you haven’t like anything someone has done for the last twenty years, you aren’t a fan, you’re just someone who liked “Shiny Happy People”. Maybe find someone on the staff who does like the band.

Of course, this is Cult Of Mac who - if the name is anything to go by - should be generally in favour of Mac applications? So maybe they should just fire this reviewer for not really being interested in the Mac?

I’m not a Mac user yet but what really annoyed me about that is that all writers use tablet devices. I don’t, and don’t feel the need for one. I have an Alphasmart Neo for writing on the go!!

I resent the assumption that everybody uses a tablet device.

I hate tablets!! I much prefer lozenges

Thank you vic-k for making my day better. I would love to give you a virtual smooch but I would hate to upset 'er indoors…

Miss S

Yeah, never been a fan of tablets, myself. I mean, I love my kindle to bits, and it goes everywhere with me, but when I want to write, code, or write music, I need my desktop or laptop. I like screen real estate, and I like to spread out what I’m working on. (1980x1020 is too small these days.)

I find the older I get, the less I have in common with computer fandom, to be honest. The way I’ve got my box set up fits the way I work. I don’t expect other people to like it or even use it or the programs I dig.

Could not agree more!! It’s the same for me.


NO but serious though. Does it have a street view?

That commenter, mr_schmuck or whatever he calls himself – I wish I could say the comment is beyond belief but this is just teh interwebz and god knows what our grandchildren are going to inherit. Perhaps we should try to eliminate the crucial fallacy that everyone is entitled to his own opinion

But I love the restaurant bit. You need to do some thinking-type work so, excuse me, you run to the nearest restaurant and start shouting for napkins! napkins! Creative Person here! C’mon now: napkins!

Damned if I’ll register with Cult – is that how it’s spelt? – of Mac but some advice for mr_schmuck and all who think like him: Picasso once said “Inspiration is what strikes while you’re working” and never truer word spoken. Scapple’s a nice sketchpad to have open while you’re doing that work. I think I’m in the minority, but I can’t see myself breaking off to hunt for my iPad – let alone heading for a restaurant and squealing for napkins like a soubrette with a nosebleed – while I’m at my desk “working”, i.e. trying to steal a march on the next guy. Wouldn’t that be Unnecessary Multiplication of Entities (©WIlliam of Occam)? Or do people really pole around with their iPads in case inspiration strikes and they’re nowhere near a handy napkin outlet?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Got bellyache now!! :laughing: :laughing:


Think everyone’s being a bit harsh on the reviewer.

He likes Scrivener, likes Scrapple, however I do agree with him TO A CERTAIN EXTENT.

Scrapple is an ideal tablet app for quick work on a tablet, quick mind map work while on the road. I’d see myself using it mor on a tablet than a Mac.

I wouldn’t crucify the guy for speaking his mind.

I’d love a Scrapple iOS, but I’d love iOS Scrivener first.

As I said earlier, I am very thankful to the reviewer as he’s been a longtime supporter and I wouldn’t want to give any other impression. My only point was that an application should be judged solely on the platform for which it’s intended, not on what platform you would like it to run on (of course it is perfectly reasonable to say, “Gah, I wish this was also developed for my own preferred platform/as a mobile app,” but it seems unreasonable to me to say that an app carefully crafted for one platform should have been developed for another platform first).

Scapple is currently a Mac app; if you’re a Mac user and like it, great! If you’d rather have it on your iPad, well, tough (for now at least); it’s a Mac app for Mac users. It’s designed based on a Mac interface, and it is a sad day when an independent Mac developer with limited resources can’t release an application on the platform for which they have always primarily developed without the first reaction being that it should have been developed for another platform entirely as a first priority. Personally, I’d hate to see Mac developers prioritise iOS at the expense of creating innovative apps for the Mac. I wonder if anyone would agree if someone declared that an app shouldn’t have been developed for a Mac but for Android instead…

But hey, I still can’t stand the iPad as an editing device… :slight_smile: