The Legal Issues of Being Forced into using Dropbox

I realize all the problems Keith underscored with regards to the problem of using cloud services outside of Dropbox. Everything checked off, according to him, and I hear him loud and clear.

My problem is I feel that users are essentially forced into using the services of only one cloud company. While there may be problems in using other cloud services, I think users should still have a choice in what service they want to use and not be forced into using Dropbox. I realize there’s likely nothing legally wrong with the choice Keith has made, but I can’t help but feel pushed into using a product I don’t generally use. I think even if there are manifold problems with using other services, users should still have a choice in using them, with the caveat of course, that they are using them at their own risk.

You are not forced to do anything. You are free to choose not to use iOS Scrivener at all.

Keith, like any product developer, needs to make wise decisions about where to invest his limited time and money. If I were prioritizing work to be done – especially extensive work like adding connections to additional cloud services – I would personally put it fairly low on the list. Once all the goodies for writing and exporting were in, I might look to another service. As a Mac / iPad user, I’d prefer iCloud.

Of course, I only use Dropbox and iCloud, and that may be affecting my thinking. But one way or another, no developer or team can do everything, and they have to decide what to do next, and what to defer.

Donald Trump-esque reasoning. Bravo.

You knew the DropBox limitation up front. L&L was very clear about it.

Why would you buy IOS Scriv if you didn’t want to use DropBox?

And if you are uncomfortable that only DropBox is supported by IOS Scriv, then there are other tools/methods to synch Scrivener with IOS. Move on to one of them.

Absolutely - there are no ‘legal issues’ - what a fatuous topic.

And stop wasting your time and energy pre-judging things and thinking yourself into a corner the whole time. Get on with your studies instead of procrastinating on these forums!

This is getting silly. If you don’t want to use Dropbox, sync your files with iTunes. Nobody is forcing you to do anything.

… or switch to Storyist, Ulysses, or … shudder … Word. :open_mouth:

On OS X and Windows, cloud backup/sync access and integration is generally done in the operating system, via add-ons (DropBox client as an example), independent of, transparent to and outside of applications. Applications themselves being aware of, knowledgeable about or directly interacting with such is optional. Whether a particular cloud service can handle various applications is the responsibility of the user and cloud service provider. An application developer can optionally advise regarding cloud services compatible with its apps, and can optionally directly integrate/support some such, but ultimately what cloud services a user opts to install and use is outside the application developer’s knowledge and/or control.

On a sandboxed operating system such as iOS, with the possible exception of iCloud, cloud backup/sync access and integration has to be built into the applications, rather than added to the operating system that the applications run on. And L&L knows from research and real world experience that, at least for now, iCloud, OneDrive and Google Drive don’t reliably handle live Scrivener projects.

So imagine what L&L’s legal, financial and reputation exposure would be if, knowing this, they were to go ahead and build in code for such and claim to support such.

P.S. The L&L folks say it better than I can, in the following threads. And with that, I’m done with this thread.


Or to the Message app, or a number of other apps which register as able to receive files. Dropbox never needs to be in the equation at all.

Wow…so hear are some of my thoughts:

  1. Apparently, now I think like Donald Trump; a man, I must admit, who scares the crap out of me – alas, this forum should not be used to discussed political matters, and I’ve decided to not say anything more other than I feel quite offended by that.

  2. You are forced, in a way, to have to use Dropbox when you download the app. There really aren’t any other options. If you really want to get technical, when you buy Scrivener – and it’s a hefty bill for an app – you should not be forced to use Dropbox or use any other software because that’s not what you paid for. If that were the case, then the app should have been advertised this way. It’s a Scrivener/Dropbox app, and not a Scrivener app ultimately. On top of that, you’re essentially paying one company, to use the free services of another company. I think there’s something fundamentally off with that arrangement.

  3. All this is coming the fact, that I’m having a lot of conflict issues with Dropbox and the app integration and would like to have other options.

  4. I don’t think I’ve trapped myself into a corner whatsoever. If fact, I find most of all your arguments rather paltry and border on being personal and not really intellectual. I think my arguments still stand and I sincerely hope something should be done. This forum is meant to be a place where questions and concerns are to be addressed, and not a place for personal attacks.

  1. My apologies for the offence caused. Obviously a poor attempt to be lighthearted. I just failed to see the link between the implicit threat of legal action in the thread title and the content of your original post.

  2. Others above have pointed out that you do not have to use Dropbox. That can’t be stressed enough. You can file swap with iTunes, or zip and send through other services.

  3. I presume you have followed all of the instructions contained in the knowledge base article on how to set sync up properly, and are following best practice in terms of not working on two separate devices without syncing in between? If you’re still getting conflicts, then you really should email support (which I am sure you have already done). I have been switching back and forth between my laptop and iPhone all day with a project of over 100,000 words, just testing. Multiple changes made in multiple files, and no conflicts, so you are definitely not seeing typical behaviour when instructions are followed.

  4. You haven’t made an argument, you have offered a viewpoint. There is a difference. Most of the replies have been helpful in pointing out alternatives to Dropbox syncing. It doesn’t matter how sincerely you hope for something when it has been explained clearly why what you are hoping for is not currently possible.

I’m out now, best of luck.

No, you don’t have to use Dropbox.
You can work only on the iOS app, in which case you don’t need Dropbox. You can transfer files via iTunes, in which case you don’t need Dropbox.
It is only if you decide to work on a project on both a desktop and on the iOS app, and refuse to transfer via iTUnes, that you need Dropbox.

The big problem is that all your posts on the forum are about something you don’t like about Scrivener, or would like to be different than it currently is, and you never accept any answers. When you are proven to be wrong about something you just start a new thread in here, about the same thing or something similar or something completely new, without ever acknowledging that you actually were wrong or had misunderstood.

Your logic in this thread is similar to someone buying a car and then complaining about only being allowed to drive on roads. You should be allowed to drive where ever you want to go, and not only on roads built by someone else than the car company.

Why don’t you use all your energy to actually write something, a short story or novel, instead of just trying to start a fight and be a general nuisance? :slight_smile:

Oh my god! Anytime someone buys Scrivener is forced to use Finder (or whatever is in Windows)… No No No

Even worse, you are forced to buy a computer first! :open_mouth:

This is untrue. You can use iOS Scrivener completely independently of the desktop versions. You can transfer data to iOS Scrivener via a direct connection using iTunes. Dropbox is the only cloud service that iOS Scrivener supports – for technical reasons explained in detail elsewhere – but it is absolutely not required to make full use of iOS Scrivener.

Moreover, the Dropbox limitation has been made clear in the pre-release discussions of iOS Scrivener, and in many different places on this site.


LOL! I was going to make a similar point and then realized I’d already wasted too much time on this. Thank you for making it for me.

At one point in my career I seriously considered the idea of transitioning to being an independent software developer. After reading through some of these IOS-related posts, I am so glad that I stayed in Corp IT. I do not have the patience and tact that KB has.

Lunk — I find the general tone of your posts quite unnecessary and personally directed. The demeaning tone you carry yourself with when writing to me via this forum, just makes you sound absurd – something I am sure you are not. I’m actually in law school – that alone doesn’t make me any smarter than the average joe I should say (though it has helped get out a few tough spots in life) – but I just would like to argue that my thoughts don’t come from some repository of impulsiveness, that when not properly pandered to, continue to sublimate at the beck and call of whatever my whims may facilitate to at any given, particular moment. As for the car analogy, I thought it silly, and not at all parallel – so much so that I’m just not going to respond to it, outside of the fact that I think the two situations are very much different. And as for my devoting my energies towards some form of writing of some kind in lieu of ranting my arse off here, yup, you’re probably right. Unfortunately, the app that I would use to write my great piece of writing – Scrivener for iOS – has a major problem with it, hence my writing here.

The argument that I can use the app without using dropbox is, of course, obvious. Yup, via iTunes, etc, etc. But the holy grail of this app is its cloud capabilities. That’s what drew me towards the app. Unfortunately, I’ve had a billion problems with dropbox (actually most of them have to deal with security issues)in the past, and in using Scrivener for iOS I found it felt like the app was more an advertisement for Dropbox, more than it was an advertisement for itself. I didn’t purchase Scrivener to use dropbox; I purchased scrivener to use scrivener. I hope at some point that gets addressed in the next iteration of your app.