The Legal Issues of Being Forced into using Dropbox

Unless you have the desktop app as well, and want to use both, together, there is absolutely no reason what so ever to use Dropbox. You can use the iOS app on its own, which means everything is saved on your iDevice.

There is simply no logic in what you write, law school student or not.

You’re completely wrong. That IS what you paid for. Did they promise you anything else? You’re acting like they said in their press releases they synced with everything, you bought it, you got cheated, and then you are saying: but that is what I paid for!

Look at my attachment. It’s a screenshot from the iTunes Store, where you bought it. At the page WHERE you bought it.
And then I am not even talking about the multiple stuff L&L put out before, like on the forum, on the news letter, on the Facebook page, etc. …
Sorry. You. Are. Wrong.
Saying you want other cloud services supported, is perfectly fine. Insinuating you are cheated, talking about legal issues and not having what you paid for etc, is just wrong. I’ll quote you again to remind you, you said: “You shouldn’t be forced, because that is not what you paid for.”

Lunk – If I didn’t have any logic to what I wrote, why did you and do you continue to bother to respond? What’s the point in arguing with someone if you fundamentally believe they don’t know how to argue? That their thoughts don’t matter, or that they derive from someone to whom you think possesses cognitive deficits of some degree or order? Oh right, your point was to insult, to demean, to ridicule the intelligence of someone, because outside of that reason, there really is no reason to continue arguing (or rather not arguing, but ridiculing), is there?

As for the actual argument, which I have already stressed before: I just want more options. Yeah, I know you could use the app and the desktop without ever touching dropbox. That isn’t the argument. I want cloud capabilities beyond dropbox, because I don’t like dropbox. And, as something to improve on in the next iteration, maybe that’s something that can be done.

sidderke – To some extent, you’re correct. Feeling that you’ve been duped, is different from actually being duped. And the truth is, I wasn’t, in the fine print. But man, this dropbox thing caught me off guard, and I just don’t think people should have to feel that way.

There should be more options. Period. Do I feel that there’s something fishy, legally? Heck yeah. Not in the law, but in the spirit of it.

Yosimiti - I wrote:

“There is simply no logic in what you write”.

I did not insult or demean you as a person, only the logic in your post. If you already have Mac Scrivener, there was nothing to stop you from writing a masterpiece, long before the emergence of iOS Scrivener. And you already have a lot of options. There are several other writing softwares. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. All you have to do is to pick the one which best suits your needs.

But you are right. I’ll stop discussing with you, or answering your questions, because I don’t think you really want any answers.
Good bye.

Well, that’s it in a nut shell.

Don’t hold your breath too long waiting for L&L to implement other cloud services.

“Currently, there are no plans to add support for syncing with other cloud solutions such as iCloud or OneDrive.” … solutions-

So, yosimiti, you are at law school. That might explain the only convincing point you’ve made so far:

Case closed.

Lunk – Saying goodbye on a forum is a bit silly and juvenile dude, cause the next time you post, you kinda …are …just …there. And what do you like not want me to respond to you? Cause I will if I find what your saying is off. I expect the same outta you.

Of course I can run off to other apps, but I don’t want to. Why? Because scrivener despite its shortcomings rocks the house! I just think there should more cloud options. Do I think users are forced still? In a way (and not in all ways) they are. Do I think there’s something fishy legally going on, sort of, but honestly it’s more in spirit than in actuality.

Do I want solutions? Heck ya. Make a better app next time around. As a customer, I believe I have that right to make.

matsgz-- If you ever said ‘case closed’ at the end of an argument in a courtroom, you’d likely get a good chuckle from the judge.

Luckily we’re not in a courtroom, nor do we have to converse with clichéd, trite, reductive terminology.

I know there’s nothing legally wrong – it’s the spirit of the legality that I’m centrally having issues with.

Yosemite, so you have an issue with “the spirit of the legality” of there being a product in the market that doesn’t meet your requirements. Interesting point.

Requirements, yes. Desires, no.

I’m closing this thread, as it clearly is degenerating into pointless quibbling and insults.

For several months, Literature & Latte has made it abundantly clear that Scrivener for iOS will only synchronize with Dropbox, for technical reasons that have also been made abundantly clear. If, in your opinion, this renders the application unusable, feel free to request a refund from the App Store. Apple is usually quite responsive in that regard.