The list style numbering is not become bold

  1. Why users can’t change the style of the numbering list like ‘bold’, ‘Italic’ etc? Please check picture 1
  2. Can anyone explain that why list-style menü is a dropdown menü and near its 'highlight button and text color menu is a toggle menu? Why not uniform? Please check picture 2. It is interesting.

Isn’t that a problem? Numbers do not change in bold or italic. Is anyone out there?

  1. Probably a feature but it’s not normal practice to have bullet lists in bold.
  2. Not sure why you would want the large number of colour options in a drop down list or alternatively why you would want a toggle for list styles. The list styles are best suited to a drop down.

I agree with CarlM’s reply, and would also suggest that the color picker is a pretty standard UI (User Interface) element, and there’d be little benefit with monkeying with that.

And it’s not like there’s a buttload of list types that would require such a compact display (nor can I imagine what that would look like.)

Hello again,
It is not a feature that item numbers are bold or italic. As a simple rule, if the title is written in bold or italic letters, the item number is also written in bold and italic. For example, you can look at alternative programs such as word, libreoffice, open office and office suit.