The locked inspector: another perspective

Or maybe it’s not another perspective at all, and I’ve simply misunderstood the thing.

Here’s what I find:

I’m in a split window. On top, the document I’m working on. Beneath it, a corkboard window with all my cards and stuff.

See, the way I work is not by building multiple text snippets and jamming 'em all together in the Draft folder. I tend to have multiple cards below, and wrangle the text into shape above.

So what I want to do is this: type away. Click on the next card and there beside me is its (scrolling, if necessary) synopsis & its notes. Hooray!

So back I go to the top window to develop this good stuff that’s beside me, and lo! it’s not beside me any more; it’s been replaced by the synopsis of the UPPER window, which isn’t what I want.

So I suppose what I want is almost the opposite of “lock inspector”: I want to be able to say “Keep the inspector keyed to the top/bottom/left/right/main/alternate editor”.

Sorry if this muddies the waters. It’s something I liked in Ulysses, where the notes & preview panes have no connection with the document up in the main window; it because it mimics the old style of writing: manuscript in the typewriter, 3*5 cards spread out around the desk.

Is this very hard to implement?

Hi Michael,

I think you are referring to the new beta’s “Lock Inspector” feature, is that right? If so, then this should be able to do what you want - in fact, it does exactly what you suggest. Clicking on the “lock” button locks the inspector to the editor which currently has the focus (it doesn’t lock the actual document in the inspector). So, click on on one of the cards in your corkboard, then click on the lock in the inspector’s footer. When you click on different cards in the corkboard, the inspector will be updated accordingly. But if you click into the upper pane, the inspector will not change as it is locked to the lower (corkboard) editor in this case.

So, unless I misunderstand, the “lock inspector” feature does exactly what you want. I found a similar need while I was going through lots of documents in one pane and making notes about them in the other. I had the binder set up to affect the pane I wasn’t working in, but this meant that I was always looking at the notes in the inspector for the new document I was working in rather than for the document I was using reference, which is what I wanted. So I set up “lock inspector” so that the inspector would be locked to the editor that has the focus when you lock it.

Hope that makes sense.


P.S. NOTE TO OTHER USERS: This post is referencing a 1.1 feature that at the time of writing is only available in the 1.09 beta, available from the Beta Testing thread.

Ah. Yes. Well, how embarrassing.

Of course it does precisely what I was whining about like a chorus-girl on the make.

Well, I always prefer user suggestions for things that are already there, to be honest. It’s less work. :slight_smile:


why are you picking on the poor old chorus girls?


Because I am a failed and spurned stage door Johnny or masher and a bitter little man as a result…

whod have guessed that the razor sharp wit, who penned, "Im running away, make me some sandwiches please", would turn out to be a dirty old man, just like the rest of us

Another disappointment!! Aint life`s a bitch!!!


I love the locked inspector, but is there a visual indicator as to which document is being inspected? I find that I lock and unlock then lock again and don’t remember which document is locked.



The index card in the inspector gives bot the title and the synopsis of the title being inspected… :slight_smile:

Of course, it does! :blush:

Is there any chance we could get the title of the doc in the synopsis line when the index card is closed? Perhaps in version 2? :slight_smile: