The Mac Beta forum?

I was curious why there doesn’t seem to be a way to post to the Mac Scrivener beta forum now that point release Mac betas are being released. I’m not a heavy user of Beta software, so it doesn’t affect me much at all, but the Beta forum seems like the best place to report issues with mac betas.

You should be able to post in the forum - I’ve locked the announcement topic so that I can just keep that for announcing new betas, but I didn’t think I’d blocked posting to the rest of the beta forum… Am I wrong?

I don’t want to say you’re wrong, but it is the case that the whole forum is locked…

I was probably trying to keep the rifraff out.

Is that a round-about way of saying we aren’t ever going to be able to post there? :confused: I think you owe the riffraff community here; if not for us, the threads might stay on topic. How boring would that be?

No, it’s just a way of saying that my brain has been frazzled by taking the kids swimming (it’s half-term) and my keyboard breaking, and that I will address it anon.

Don’t lie KB. Admit it. You are trying to find a way to keep the vic-kians and his ilk (the +3+) under control.

Damn. I was hoping for you to come clean about a conspiracy to silence the subject pirates here on the L&L Seas.