the mac display bug still haunts me and i dont understand why it hasnt been pastched yet

Dear L&L Development Team,
Im running the latest version of mac osx and the latest version of scrivener according to the update mechanism - it says that im running the most current version… that said, i am still having major problems with Scrivener crashing and being completely unusable if i happen to accidentally close Scrivener if the ptoject in question is not taken out of maximized window mode. It loop crashes over and over again until i find a project that was closed in anything other than maximized window or full screen mode. I know that you guys are aware of it and have seen you talk about it here on the forums. as a faithful customer i think i’m owed an explanation as to why this MAJOR bug still exists after several months and when/if your ever going to fix it because it causes HUGE problems. Now, Ive seen it claimed that it isn’t your fault and has something to do with El Capitan and how it handles maximizing windows, but what i dont understand is – if there is no way to get around it why dont you add an option to the Scrivener preferences pane that forces all Scrivener projects to exit maximized window or full screen mode and save the projects that have been worked on since the most recent instance of Scrivener was opened before its allowed to close? Thats not a very elegant way to handle the problem but I see no reason why that cant be implemented until a better answer is found to the problem.The bug is such a problem for me i spent the money updating to office 2016 and am considering buying the new version of ulysses – we all know both are far inferior to Scrivener but Scrivener doesnt do me any good and is not worth paying for if bugs like the one ive just described are never addressed. I realize that im just one user but if Im having this problem there have to be others – why are we being ignored?

And Im sorry but i dont see the point in making a version of Scrivener for iOS. No self respecting writer is going to type 60-80,000 words on a screen that small and if they do… they’ll get eye strain and carpul tunnel for their trouble. I just dont get why Scrivener for ios was even considered a good idea but im not a cell guy… in my mind a cell phone should be good at making phone calls and thats it. I miss the days when you could get a phone that JUST made calls - the only other feature I use being handicapped is the bluetooth hands free devices so i dont have to hold the phone to my ear. But i digress. Is the issue detailed above ever going to be addressed? And when can we expect Scrivener 3 and what will we get for the cost of a full price upgrade?


Since it also happens in ever other Mac app, I personally have just gotten into the habit of avoiding Mac full screen until such time as Apple gets its act together. If I make the Scriv window as large as possible, the only thing that full screen does for me is hide the menu bar.

If you don’t like working on iOS devices obviously you need not pay for an iOS version. If you are angry because you feel that development resource(s) have been diverted from providing a patch for this – a polite inquiry as to where it stands in the maintenance queue would would have opened the conversation, without insulting those users who find the iOS version valuable.

And I have been typing 50K drafts on mobile screens and tiny keyboards from before the iPhone was introduced with neither eye strain nor carpal tunnel injury, thank you very much.

Version 2.8 of Mac Scrivener makes the Full Screen setting non-persistent, working around this OS X bug. (It also gives you compatibility with the iOS version, FWIW.)

Are you sure you’re running the latest version? The Scrivener -> About command will give you a definitive answer.

Scrivener 3 is discussed in the Wish List forum. I can’t give you a timeline, but existing users can expect an upgrade discount.


im pretty embarrassed about this but as it turns out the problem was that i needed to restart and refresh my DHCP lease. As soon as I did I got the warning that a new version of Scrivener was available and am now running the most current version. Next time ill make sure everything is up to date before i post. i apologize to everyone on the l&L dev team and am very anxious to get my hands on version 3 which i hope comes out sooner than later.

most sincerely,

p.s. i know thi s is goijng to uypset some people but regardless i still see no point in wasting resources and time on creating a version of Scrivener for cellphones – i have a very hard time believing that anyone would choose to write on a cell phone if they have another alternative/

iOS Scrivener CAN be run on a cell phone, but I use it on my 12" iPad Pro or my 9.7 " iPad Air. Very handy when I am mobile and the laptop is a bit to cumbersome to use. I’d say that iOS Scrivener is more aimed at iPads than at iPhones…

Here’s one scenario: I’m a big guy – when I’m on a plane and the person in front of me leans their seat back, I don’t have enough room on my tray for my Surface Pro. I can still fit an iPhone, stand, and BT keyboard in that limited space and get some writing done. Is it my preferred situation? Well, no, that would be at my ergonomic sit/stand desk with my expensive keyboard and 34" monitor with my Surface docked. But is it good enough to get words on page? You bet.

Other people don’t mind the on-screen keyboards on the tinier devices – if they can text and do FaceTime chat for hours, it’s basically the same sort of scenario. People can get a few more words in at the bus stop, on the bus, riding in the passenger seat of a car, sitting at the stadium waiting for the game to begin – wherever they have a few minutes. Over time, 100 words there and 50 words here add up to real numbers. It may not be YOUR cup of tea, or mine, but that doesn’t make it wrong, and it certainly doesn’t make it “a waste of time” for L&L to make sure the iOS version supports these smaller devices as well as the iPad-size devices lunk talks about. It makes it about giving the users OPTIONS to fit their workflow.

It’s rude to call it a waste, and you knew it, or you wouldn’t have put your disclaimer up front. If you don’t want to use iOS Scrivener on a cell phone, don’t – nobody will make you. But don’t imply negative things about people who choose to, or say that L&L are somehow making bad decisions in allowing them to do so. We don’t get to tell Keith & crew how to use their time and energy and dictate what projects they are allowed to work on. As Neil Gaiman famously said a few years back to entitled Game of Thrones fans, “George R. R. Martin is not your bitch.”

Then don’t. Just don’t insult the many many users who disagree with you. I would say that an iOS version has been the number one most common user request for the last several years.

Personally, I use Scrivener on my phone when I don’t have another alternative. I’m out and about, don’t have access to my main computer, and want to take a quick note. I use Scrivener on my iPad for notetaking. It’s especially good for interviews, but I also like having whatever I’m reading in one half of a split screen and Scrivener in the other. And I use Scrivener on the Mac for heavy duty writing and editing.


Ahh but iOS ≠ Just Cell Phones

iOS covers these new-fangled iPlods with reasonable-sized screens and the ability to link to TVs and projectors in meetings …

Just to add another use-case: I write a lot of technical documentation. I find the iOS version incredibly useful for capturing client requirements/priorities on-site using the cork-board. I can talk clients through an abstracted document, while being able to drop down to the ‘meat’ of the document at the ‘bodge of a finger’ (to give it the correct technical term). On the train/plane back, I can then update the documentation to reflect the updated cork-board notes all without lugging my laptop and charger around. I have all my queries highlighted and available in the meeting by using the colours in the outline - this keeps me on-track and ensures I clarify all my concerns or queries before concluding the session. By the time I get back to my desk, it’s all up to date and ready for compiling.

For serious writing sessions, I use Scrivener with Dragon Dictate on my Mac - and here I have the luxury of working with multiple monitors and loads of floating reference windows … Something I would never consider showing to a client.

My only bug-bear is the lack of any real numbering capability on the iOS version (I make a lot of cross-references to drawings and/or tables, so this becomes a nightmare to view on the iPad and renders the compile pretty useless for me), but other than that, I love the iOS version. iPad in the hand instead of laptop and charger in a bag - great for travelling and amazing for quick updates.

I’m also on my second novel with Scrivener - I write these while waiting in airport lounges and flying. I’d never consider getting my laptop out in these situations as I can never get it settled nicely on the drop-down tables - or get up and running within a few seconds - or tap away for almost an entire long-haul flight. The iPad wins here … thank you Keith for the iOS version - it was well worth the effort and, numbering aside, it works incredibly well for me. And besides, it only took you five minutes … right? :laughing:

This sounds like shadeofgrey may not have been aware that Scrivener for iOS has already been released! Moot point now, shadeofgrey, it is a fait accompli!