The masses are begging...

Keith, I know that you said you have neither time nor resources to crank out a “Scrivener for iPad,” but no less than Mac Luminary Andy Ihnatko is begging for it (while gushing about Scrivener at the same time). … 4156212:z0

Please tell me that you’re pulling a Steve Jobs-like denial (“no, tablet computers suck…”) while secretly prepping something mindblowing behind the curtain. Andy would love you forever. No? Ah, well. Back to waiting for Scrivener 2.0.

This has the potential to be pretty good.

The response from Keith that is.

Yeah, I saw that article - Andy is a great supporter of Scrivener, it’s nice that he’s interested.

Work on 2.0 proceeds apace!

All the best,

Ok. Here’s what’s going to happen:

  1. Keith will ship Scriv 2.0 on September 7th.
  • just in time for my agent (I get one in July, after Spain win the World Cup) to tell me to get the hurries on novel #2.
  1. I win a modest amount on the lottery, so I never have to freelance again and can buy the biggest iPad and data plan I can fit in my cheese-sandwich mouth.
    2a. My wife never has to work again. She gets some chickens.
  2. Keith ships ScrivPad in time for Christmas.
  3. Keith and I light cigars.
  4. I puke a little.
  5. Wife agrees that a Vicky Christina Barcelona living arrangement really would be rather fun. If wife is reading this, please note I put this at 6.
  6. I wake up and realise I’m stuck in Primer.
  7. But it was really a Dr Who episode, and it’s all going to be fine.
  8. Karen Gillan becomes my other-dimension wife. I don’t think monogamy rules apply across the universe, do they? If so, I refer My Honourable Wife to 2a. Focus on the 2a. And not on the SQUIRREL.

Ok. In serious mode: 200,000 iPads being sold a week. Say 5% bought ScrivPad at $2.99. That’s $30,000 a week, Keith.
Or 10% buy it at 0.99c - that’s $20,000 - again, that’s per week.

Go to a bank manager. Show him some scrivenings. Hire someone to make ScrivPad. Think of the cigars. Think of Penelope Cruz.

Or, seeing as it took me so long to write this nonsense that you’ve already said no for the Wonderstuff time, erm ‘no’.

Wait, Karen Gillan is my other-dimension wife.

My iPad has sat gathering dust for the past week or two, since the kids grew bored of it. I can’t quite work out what it’s for. Love my MacBook though. :slight_smile:

Yes, Keith, but how many apps did you buy before you decided that you were a - I don’t know how to phrase this - a Maccite (sweary defender of the clamshell), or Lappite (I must nestle you on my knees)?

Captive market. Generous royatly terms. Fish. In. Barrel.

Shiny new quadcore for you. Red wig for the wife.

It makes business sense, if not personal / headspace sense.

If I knew where to start (and didn’t want to write a book with a stitched or glued spine so much), I’d switch to apps until the wave stops.

Anyhoo. Enough from the cheap seats. Roll on September.

That should be your only answer to everything on this forum.

Given your Doctor references above, I was fully expecting an “Allons-y, Alonso!”

Yawn to business sense. I think I’d rather shoot myself in a barrel than spend my life trying to create stuff that I think might “sell”. What a tawdry waste of a life that would be, just out to make a quick buck, to catch the next trend and make money out of it. Ugh. To me, at least. I know there are plenty of entrepreneurs out there who relish such a life, but it’s not for me. I didn’t create Scrivener because I thought it made “business sense”. I created it because I wanted it. I thought I might sell 20, maybe 100 copies, which would be a nice little extra cash while I got to use the app I wanted. :slight_smile: So anyone who tries to convince me that money can recompense for spending precious hours of my short life making stuff that they want should ask themselves how much they like working on tedious projects at the behest of others, projects in which they have no interest. If I wanted to do that I may as well stop working for myself; I enjoyed teaching after all.

Of course, it’s also worth bearing in mind that America is not the world - the iPad hasn’t even been released in the rest of the world yet, and I only have mine because a kind soul picked me one up and posted it to me. I make no apologies for not dropping everything to code for an unproven platform that is only available in the US as yet; it’s still going to be some months before we see how much “business sense” it makes.

Moreover, those Apple-o-philes who cite “business sense” should bear in mind that it makes much more business sense to put resources into a Windows version than into an iPad version.

So, no: I am not developing an iPad version. Not now, not for the foreseeable future. I love my Mac, I have no need of my iPad at the moment, and the development of Scrivener for the Mac and my own writing takes up all the time I can spare away from my family and sleep. No, no iPad version from me. Not me personally. And even supposing I found someone to develop an iPad version for me - it would hardly happen overnight. Scrivener for the Mac took two years to get to 1.x and 2.0 has taken two years since I announced it. Any theoretical Scrivener for the iPad would take a long time too. I know we live in an “on demand” world, but I’m afraid it is still not possible to produce anything of quality instantly just because some people demand it. :slight_smile:

Right, there we go - wmarcy wanted a rant and I have therefore obliged!

All the best,

P.S. monkquixote and mhenshaw - given that the nature of forums often seems to skew the meaning of my words, I hasten to add that all of the above is meant in good humour. I do appreciate the fact that people like Scrivener enough to want it on other platforms, and am grateful for it, even though I spend my time blowing raspberries at them. :slight_smile:

If you follow the iPad as research/writing tool thread, it’s clear that other developers will soon make an app that will take this burden from Keith’s back. The two apps I reviewed this week, Notably and My Writing Nook, are on that track. And watch out for SimpleNote!


And good luck to them and to all those who choose to use the iPad for sustained writing! I should add that I do plan SimpleNote integration of some kind.

Equally Keith, my post was intended with tongue firmly in cheek - you’re a Cornishman now, they’re as truculent as they come. I was joshing the badger.

I know that I, personally, could make more money making a fiction/cyoa app (after all, any sales is better than no sales, right), or doing practically anything other than I am now (except for maggot farming, that didn’t pay very well), but instead I choose to spend money on trying to get the stories out of my head and onto small, soon-to-be-obsolete, slivers of tree with my name running up the side. And maybe a familiar logo on the side.

So I impoverish myself on purpose, to do the thing I love, with an unrealistic dream the desired outcome. The likelihood is I will not succeed, or not succeed in the manner I would like.

We can all glance wistfully at the other side, though - Ms Pond for the wallet, if you will. (Personally, I will try and hold off buying an iPad until it physically morphs in and out of its parent iMac, T2000 style. What’s that - four, five years tops?)


Isn’t the next thing we want to see from Keith after Scriv 2.0 his novel?

I thought we were figuring that the Scrivener forum is Keith’s novel. We now know AmberV to be one of that characters in its immensely complicated plot. Proof positive, I should think.


What the man said! :wink:


Wait. I clearly remember a vague thought that DMJ is, in reality, a vic-k/fluff like personality that has managed to manifest itself with a unique login. Which now makes us wonder if AmberV is really KB having emerged from a transported Primer box. At this point, my head would explode, except, well, too late.

And at least one forum member is in fact an artificial intelligence (that has developed unintentionally in a directory full of suspended Scrivener source code).

I’m Spartacus!

Oh, sorry, wrong board.

I’m Brian!

Ha, I have Spartacus: Blood and Stuff recorded and ready for my disgusted viewing pleasure. But wait, let’s get some things straight: First, Karen Gillan is my alt-world other-half, as established up-thread; and second I’m Brian.

DMJ certainly has a “unique logic” all right. There are boxes inside the boxes!

Brian makes a brief ephemeral particle like appearance in the first ball of wool caused by the antics of Abe, Aaron and Graham Chapman:

So if KB is posting and DMJ is posting, and AmberV/Ioa is posting, all the suspected KB entities, must we conclude that there is a fourth KB-ian who is working on 2.0?

See that was just mean. I shouldn’t bring that up. But the masses are begging. And you can’t argue about 2.0 like you can iPad.