The masses are begging...

How do we tell who the Fourth Keith is? And are we sure there are only four, because I thought at first there were five, and then there were seven, and then there was something about a “Daniel” that kind of came out of nowhere.

I find myself humming “All Along The Watchtower” a lot lately, and have the urge to shoot Edward James Olmos. Is that a thing? Should I be worried?

No, no need to worry. It’s all GOD’S BLOODY PLAN. Why? Why did you have to rub lemon juice in my paper cut just as it was healing? Why?

Did we find the last turtle?

I’m Brian, and so’s all my cloned parallels!

With you, that statement is very likely to be true! :wink:

Is it just me or did we just manifest a DMJ ?!

I’m Kevin.

So who is going to be Calvin?

vic-k can be Hobbes.


On reflection, vic-k needs to be Calvin. There is a certain … personality that they share.

With Ioa in the box inside the box, AmberV has been transmogrified into Hobbes via Calvin’s box, while Number Three was boxed by Number One.

Wait a minute, so are you saying I am actually Fluff?

That wouldn’t explain a few things.

Sweet. I’ve got some funky set up now with Notational Velocity, and SimpleNote to work with Scrivener docs on the iPod, but cutting the middleman will be excellent. Whenever that happens, no hurry. :wink: I’m not really doing anything but jotting story notes or making my recipes accessible in the kitchen. Because I like a real keyboard for writing! (I thumb my nose at you, iPad!)

Also, pretty sure whichever Keith clone is working on 2.0 has been banned from posting on the forum, lest he get sucked into that black hole.