The missing sync

Ok, ok, I am not completely windows free


I have a hand held PC, running windows mobile. Now, syncing this sucker with the vista machine is a piece of cake… (Yes Bill Gates did something right… I may rant about Vista, but that little section runs like a charm)

Alas no such animal for the mac from Bill. So, after somebody recommended the missing sync I finally got it, and ran it. Yes, there are a few issues… and in reality nothing too serious. They have to do with translation from pages to word or rtf format for the HPC (which is running another win\linux program by softmaker, since word mobile sucks)

But once I exported the file from scrivener to the app, it not only exported it well, preserving most of the formating… but it split the darn thing into individual files, aka a file per scrivening. That impressed me… and let me tell you, that will come very handy. Reality is that I use the handheld for writing on the go, where taking a laptop might be a problem

So if you happen to have one of these little marvels, yes I will recommend the app

Link to softmaker’s texmaker

The missing sync

Been thinking of trying Missing Sync for my palm t5 since Palm’s Desktop blows on Mac. My only complaint is no free trial period! WTF? Call me tight but I like to try before I buy, even if it the programme’s only $40.

I think that’s quite reasonable. Why pay good money for defective software?

Or worse, software that ALMOST does what you want.

I wish more companies followed KB’s example.

I’m using Missing Sync for Palm (works way better than Palm Desktop) and before I bought it I definitely played around with a trial version.

It’s been some time ago but if I remember correctly, they don’t explicitly mention a trial version on their webpage but you can download and install the normal version and will find it has a trial period.

Don’t know if this has changed.

thanks for the tip! I’ll give it a shot when i get home tonight.

scratch that - i just tried the download button and it links direct to the shopping cart :imp:

Might have to risk it; my palm is next to useless unless i can sync it. Or maybe get the new ipod touch…

Well, there still are downloads without buying first:

The upgrades are full versions as far as I know. But the page says you need a licence to use it.

You might still give it a shot because what else could happen besides the installer angrily asking for your licence and forcing you to quit if you don’t have one?

Anyway, if you buy Missing Sync or get hold of a trial version make sure you disable the “include birthday calender” option in iCal to prevent trouble (check the known issues section on their site).