The more that I use the program, the more impressed I become

The first project was a novella… yes it is borderline between a short novella and a long short story.

I was playing just with the general template… and the work was done failrly fast

Then I did my two templates, the mythic structure got used tonight as I started the planning for a fantasy novel that has been in the works, sort off, for a while… and of course the magazine template I created

Keith you created a hell of a piece of sofware. It is flexible, easy to use and stable

If anything the only thing it cannot do… I found a work around and it works. Of course the other work around would be to take it to I-Works, or neo and just do the heavy editing there.

Still, this is a hell of a piece of software.

Thank you. I can already see how much my productivity has gone up, and my organization is just as good as the Story Binder (sorry mac fans that is a Windows Product), which was quite a find. (That one was inheritted by brother in law who chances are will stick with windows machines until the cows come home)

Now back to work… that novel needs to have quite a bit of background done.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

watch these ere schmoosers Capn sir, I finks theys only after rebates.

rat :slight_smile:

I have found that as I write with different projects, more and more uses become apparent.

My first impulse was that this was a heckuva way to write a novel, and the revamp of a previous novel, (which an agent liked but thought had a flabby middle) is proceeding nicely. This is where the outlining features are extremely helpful.

Then I wrote a non-fiction book with it, and all kinds of new features came to the fore, this is where I learned to appreciate the index cards.

To promote the non-fiction book to publishers, I started a blog, and danged if Scrivener isn’t a tremendous help there, from storing my seeds of blog posts, to polishing the posts into online articles, right through to acting as an archive of a month of blog posts (with the Import a Web Page feature) that backs up my content and has it ready for the second draft of the book.

If I ever go back into academics, and scratch the itch to be Doctor WereBear, I know Scrivener will amaze me there, too.

Dr. Werebear
Dr. Werebear Dr. Werebear Dr. Werebear

Sounds OK to me Doc. :wink:


Professor Werebear would work nicely :slight_smile:

I am seeing more uses just reading things here, and I am also seeing abilities that I hadn’t discovered yet. I don’t blog, but it does sound like it’s a great organisational tool for blogs, and probably for training manuals, or FAQ documents (help pages for software, etc).

that`s my girl!! :wink:

I`m going off again :laughing: :laughing:

novel, yes the academic uses are obvious

As well as the organization of the background. Hell writing things like the economic system of the world and a menu for an Inn… who’d thunk of doing that with word?