The Most Dangerous Writing App

I’d love to see something like this implemented in Scrivener:
You set a timer and write, if you stop for five seconds the text fades away and disappears. It is a really good tool to get “in the zone”.

I use Flowstate for Mac which is the same concept, but it would be awesome to have that functionality in one application.

A similar product is Vitamin R
I agree that it always helps to get a nudge to stay focused.

This is a Wish List forum, but I can tell you from long experience following the developer that anything that could cause data loss ON PURPOSE is a non-starter. There are instances of people who come here due to data loss caused by cloud sync software that he’s programmed around as best as he can, and also instances where people have accidentally turned on features that confused and frustrated them (like script writing mode). Adding a mode that actually deletes your writing?.. a mode that might possibly be turned on by accident!? :open_mouth: Why would he ever open up that Pandora’s box of support requests and liability?