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The title says it all!

My work here is DONE!

The main thing I learned is that people tend to point a lot when they are drunk… and take pictures of themselves with bad cameras.

I tend to like this one a little more.

Snot as gud as

Vic-k! I’m deeply offended. That is the most salacious, perverted, degrading thing I’ve seen from you yet.

Faking a hyperlink! HOW COULD YOU!?

:blush: I’m sorry :blush: I just…y’know…thought…err…uhmm :confused: sorry :frowning:

Apology accepted, Vic-k. Next time, do the decent thing and make a real link. Sharing is caring, as they say. And by “they,” I mean whip wielding ladies of impeccable repute. :open_mouth:

Bobby Boy
will this do y’?paulc156

Speak & Spell

Arcade Classics

and of course old JOe

Hey cool.

My dad worked for TI when the Speak & Spell first came out, and I had a prototype. (Beta testing way back then, I guess.) When its batteries would wear down, it would start spewing gibberish to spell, but sometimes they’d be comprehensible words, especially profanity. “Spell fuck!” “shit” was another one it would ask you to spell when the batteries would go. I remember my unit, sadly, got replaced shortly after we discovered that feature.

I had a speak & Math, too, but I tried to bury it in the back yard.

At the end of a very long and tiring day, I felt… :frowning:
Then I read this post. Now, with the speak & spell voice in my head saying “Spell fuck!”, I feel… :smiley:

Thank you from the bottom of my tired and easily amused heart. :wink: