The Mystery of the Missing Project Version

I have a mystery that I need to solve. Several weeks ago, I painstakingly outlined the new draft of my novel on the corkboard. The next time I opened Scrivener, the index cards of my outline had disappeared, and it had reverted to the previous version of the project. I thought that I must have had some sort of system failure which caused the unsaved version to be lost. I turned on auto-backups and started saving religiously, and just resigned myself to the fact that I would need to rebuild my outline. I rebuilt part of it and started writing.

A day or two ago, I updated by version of Scrivener from 1.7.3 to 1.8.0. This morning, when I opened it, instead of opening the most recent version of my project, Scrivener opened the old version with the missing outline! Unfortunately, at that moment the battery on my laptop died and the system shut down. After I plugged the computer into the wall outlet, I rebooted Windows and reopened Scrivener – this time Scrivener opened the most recent version of my project (the one I’ve been writing on for several weeks), and the version with my original outline, which had momentarily, mysteriously been resurrected, is now no longer to be found.

Where did it go? Why did it return? Why can’t I find it now? I’ve looked amongst my Scrivener project files on my hard drive but cannot find it.