The new Leopard beta - get it at WWDC first! Grr...


Time for an Apple moan, I’m afraid. It’s probably not good for business, moaning about Apple when you are a Mac-only shop, but I do like to air my grievances, as many of you well know (and hey, I’ve written to Apple saying the same).

Many of you will have watched the WWDC keynote last week and aww-ed and ahh-ed at the new Leopard beta (or yuck-ed at the translucent menu, depending on your tastes).

Me too.

And that royally, um, vexes me, to tell the truth. It vexes me because the Leopard beta has been advertised for weeks as being “available first” at WWDC. And here we are, one week later, and that beta has still not been seeded to developers who did not attend WWDC. And by “developers”, I specifically mean developers who have paid hundreds of dollars for Select or Premier ADC (Apple Developer Connection) memberships, which includes the Leopard Early Start Kit. And what does this Leopard Early Start Kit buy you? Well, the advertisement enticing developers to cough up their cash for membership makes this very clear:

Note that “latest pre-releases” mentions nothing about also having to shell out for a WWDC ticket. If you go to the Leopard dev center log in page, this is made even clearer:

And yet, for those of us who could not attend WWDC this year, we are left with a seed of Leopard that is over two months old, with a copy of Xcode that crashes regularly.

Now, I know it’s only Friday that WWDC ended. And maybe they will upload the new beta tonight. We can hope. But even this is a little late, in my opinion. Why stratify at all? With 5,000 members, WWDC was supposed to be the biggest ever this year. But ADC apparently has 950,000 members! So even if only 10% of those are paying members (and it is probably nearer 25%), that is 90,000 developers who have been left out in the cold to the 5,000 who could attend and get the beta.

What is worse, though, and inexcusable, as far as I am concerned, is that when I bought my membership, with the Leopard Early Start Kit included, the advertising made it very clear that I would have access to “the latest pre-release versions of Mac OS X Leopard”. This is what I paid for, so that I could ensure Scrivener was always up to date with new versions of the OS. It was only a couple of months later that Apple started advertising the Leopard beta as being available first at WWDC (despite keeping the “latest pre-release versions” text on the advertising for the Early Start Kit).

To me, this is - dare I say it? - false advertising. I don’t even understand why Apple would need to dangle this “beta” carrot in front of developers to tempt them into attending WWDC - surely the notion of having Apple engineers to hand to help you with your issues is enough of an incentive? Beta or no, I would have gone for access to Apple developers alone if I could possibly have managed it. But what I understand far less, is why Apple would withhold a working, updated beta from those who need it most - developers providing applications for the Mac platform. It’s bad enough that Apple are shooting themselves in the foot by keeping the beta back (even by a week - surely you would want your developers using it ASAP). It’s even worse, though, that the people from whom it is being withheld have paid for it.

But, like all things, I daresay I forgot to read the small print somewhere.

Moan over. Normal services may now continue (though only when I get the beta! :slight_smile: ).


Keith ,
Ididn`t get where I am today, by reading the fine print.

Take care

Very telling… After you have signed into the Leopard Dev Center, only yesterday the text read: “Download the latest pre-release versions of the Mac OS X Leopard and Xcode 3.0 as soon as they become available.” Today they changed that text to read, “Download the latest pre-release versions of the Mac OS X Leopard and Xcode.” I am not a happy bunny. Although, of course, even with this minor change, the text is inaccurate - the latest version is still denied to us.

This sucks big time. Apple - I shake my fist at thee. This has really clobbered my enthusiasm for development, I have to admit.

Keith, Pal,
Even to a dickhead like me, its obvious that you are feeling disillusioned and let down by Apple, but again even somebody like me, hovering way out there on the periphery of the Apple Galaxy knows that Apple Corp. dont put themselves out for us on this side of the pond, they never have. Sometimes I wonder if they actually realize they have customer over in Europe.

I feel a bit like the butchers boy telling Leonado Da Vinci that he needs to step back from the easel and get a new perspective, but just how good does Scriv have to be before you can say, "Fuck it! thats good enough, now where did I put the book I was writing?" At the rate your going, youll end up as old as I am and still be fine tuning Scriv. How many species of wild cats do you think there are out there? 36. Get the book out Keith. Were not all going to disappear off the face of the planet because Scriv doesn`t have spots instead of stripes.

Good night
Take care

Thank you, Vic. :slight_smile: You know, to add insult to injury, I have just had an e-mail from the Apple bug reporting department - I am very conscientious about reporting all OS X bugs to Apple - telling me that they believe that they have fixed a bug I reported in the new Leopard WWDC beta build, and that I should test it out and let them know whether it is indeed fixed. I wrote them a very terse reply asking them if they were taking the mickey, as I have only paid for the latest betas - Apple don’t deem me fit to actually receive them.





Dont be surprised if the next day or two go down in Scrivener Folklore as The Time of the Great F§*K UP Apologia`

I`v just f*$!!d up big time with AV , really offensive.

And there could be a midges dick of a chance that someone over the pond at DEV Center could be saying, “Hey, were shaggin around one of out star Indie Developers here. Lets get our arses in gear, we don`t want him to start working on Viruses For MAC OS X Leopard , do we now. Send him a big apology,and a pair of tickets for the 2008 SuperBowl”. … It, could happen. ODDS 2000,000,000/1, but still, it could happen.

Dave was that snort; Snort as in snigger, or was it snort as, in…y`know… nudge …nudge …wink?

Take care

Virtually untranslatable, Vic. But something along the lines of “Fine zinger, Keith, but I doubt they’re actually going to send you the beta because of it.”