The new Word for Ipad won't open .doc files created by Scriv

I have the latest version of Scrivener.

I have WordPerfect X6 (16).

I have MS Word 2000.

I created a Word file in .doc format with the latest version of Scrivener. WordPerfect X6 can open it. Word 2000 can open it. I then try to open it in the new Word for Ipad and get “Word can’t open this file format.”

It will however open in Word Online via OneDrive.

Any idea why the new Word for Ipad is having a Goldilocks fit?

Maybe it won’t open the old binary .doc format. Did you try .docx?

I found that .docx worked by uploading the Scrivener-created .doc Word file into WordPerfect X6 then outputting it into .docx format.

It would be nice if Scrivener would just do this directly.

Currently Scrivener can only export to .docx format if Microsoft Office 2007 or higher is installed, as the converters make use of Word’s libraries, but the upcoming 1.7 release will have an option to do this without an installation of Office.