The New Yorker on Amazon

The New York magazine has an excellent article on Amazon, one that asks a question that matters to all of us, it Amazon good for books–and thus authors? … ntPage=all

Here are two significant quotes:

Next is this about Roger Doeren of Rainy Day Books in Kansas in 1995:

Selling books simply to gather data on people to sell them other stuff doesn’t suggest any great love of books does it? In retail sales that’s treating books as a loss-leader just to get them to the store.


Also a reason to shy away from a lot of “free” software.


My humble estimate of ALL business people is that they exist mainly to separate customers from their cash.

And that they would ALL love to gather data on those customers, if said data led to more cash.

Me, I can’t wait for the day when Amazon knows what I want before I want it.

If only readers were so prescient!

Sorry, Mike, I know you are serious about these issues and I respect that.

It’s called “Anticipatory Shipping”