The ONE feature I will miss the most in Scrivener 3

This is the ONE feature Scrivener 2 had, and Scrivener 3 does not have. I want to highlight that – aside form inspiration, it is NOT a needed thing.

In Scrivener 3 it is not possible to see Synopsis (or the image) together with META-TAGS or with KEYWORDS. Only with NOTES.

Otherwise, I just love S3 !!!

I just wanted to highlight that the screenshots I made, are from my WINDOWS S2 copy (where having Synopsis and Keywords or Meta-Data is possible), but I am using a MAC S3 version at home.

So, no – not confused here, in case you thought about it. And yes, I know that Windows S3 is not sue until sometime next year.

Would a split help?

That would make me lose some of my writing space… valuable real estate…

Not worth it, but I really appreciate your idea… Thank you!

A possible (partial) workaround: Keep a QR window with either the picture or the custom metadata displayed. Doesn’t get in the way until you want to refer to it, then it’s just cmd-` to flick it on and off.

No good for flicking rapidly through documents, of course, but then I wouldn’t imagine it’s only something you’d want to use when you’re working on a document for some time.