The only problem I have with Scrivener . . .

Sure there are things that can be improved with the interface and functionality, but I’m used to looking at that as a web designer / developer and will be offering tons of feedback in that arena.

I understand that the Mac version is different than the PC version and that there is more time in development of the former, but the latter is definitely catching up. So I will continue to wait patiently, even though I’m chomping at the bit.

I keep discovering features and ways of doing things with the program, like for example, my latest one . . . Annotations. I can’t convey the joy it is to have a way for my left brain (the one that is analyzing the manuscript) to talk to my right brain (the one that’s doing the writing and creating) and me visually see it. (No, I’m not crazy or daft, I’m just hyper aware of how my brain functions . . . :smiley:)

My only problem with Scrivener is the fact that I didn’t discover it sooner . . . If I had I would have bought a Mac just to use it because I know that my novels have needed the breathe of life that the program has brought back to my writing for a very long time.

I hear you. When I was working on my doctorate, it would’ve been a godsend. I’m pretty psyched for the MMD integration, too. Since I use lilypond, a LaTeX “dialect” for music, I think it’ll make writing papers with musical examples much, much easier.