The other next/previous

View->Go To->Next/Previous Document take you up and down the binder. I’d like 2 more commands that take you to the last thing that you looked at and back.

Usecase: I keep a Dramatis Personae list as a document in the binder and I’m forever leaping back and to checking names and characteristics. It would be great to be able to do this via a hotkey or three-fingered swipe on the touchpad.

Also, the cursor has no location when returning to a document. It would be really useful to have it restored to where I last had it on a per-document basis. If that can be accompanied by a visual key, perhaps a circle of decreasing radius to focus the eye on where you were…

You mean like the big back/forward arrows in the header bars (also available via View > Editor > Document History, or cmd-[ and cmd-] as in Safari), which navigate through the document history and take you back to the last document you looked at? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean here - when you open a document, the insertion point should be at the place you last left it.

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Cheers Keith. Yep View->Editor->Document History is exactly what I wanted and failed to find with extensive searching for ‘Previous’ in the help and on the forum - Scrivener n00bie.

However, if I click on a document in the binder and have a read and then do Cmd-[ to get back to where I was, there is no insertion point, as the document is selected in the binder not the text. If I start typing it switches to different documents in the binder. If I click the main pane to move the focus to the text then it puts the insertion point where I clicked.

Is it possible to

write some text
Click another doc in the binder
Hit Cmd-[

  • continue typing where you were at the start *

Once I’ve done it once with the mouse, I can Cmd-] and -[ between the two documents to my hearts content without the main document losing focus, and therefore losing the insertion point, it seems to be just the first time is the problem.

Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-E moves focus to the Editor without having to click on it.

Cheers, Martin

PS there should be a guide with all the hot keys on the forums somewhere.

Or you can hit tab a couple of times (the first time will edit the field - that’s built into the outliner). Or Ctrl-tab will move straight to the editor, as ctrl-tab leaps between the binder and editor.

I’m also looking at a three-fingered swipe gesture for Lion, given that gestures have been opened up more publicly in the Lion APIs.

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Yep, exactly what I wanted to do. I’ll shut up and go read some more now blush.

Scrivener shortcut reference, from the knowledge base.

No need for blushing or shutting up; the best wish list items are always the ones that already exist - less work for me! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, by the way, and please feel free to fire any more questions our way.

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You can also set up app-specific gestures in JiTouch (and yes, the three-finger nav was the first one I implemented). Three-finger pinch in/out is great for copy/paste, too :smiley: