The perfect tool

I’m currently writing a history book, a project that got somewhat out of hand as my work progressed. With massive amount of reference material (mostly scans of old books and papers) and a lot of cross-checking needed within my text, it got un-manageable in the software tool I was using.

Just a few days ago, I came across Scrivener. I tried it out for a few hours, before deciding to purchase it. I spent a couple of days importing my text and all the reference material, added relevant references to the different parts of my text and tagged it up with keywords. Suddenly I feel I’m in total control again! :wink:

Thanks for making such a useful software tool, it is invaluable to me right now!

Thank you for your positive feedback. :slight_smile: Glad Scrivener is helping.

Exactly my experience too. I’m working on a trade book on language, music, and emotion. Lots of material to keep track of: scientific references, personal anecdotes, PDFs of articles, etc. Plus, the writing style will be different because it’s a trade book and not an academic book – it’ll have several, smaller sections per chapter, and the ordering of these sections will likely be in flux.

Scrivener is the perfect tool.

One more little touch that I love: the zipped backup. It really gives me a sense of confidence that I won’t lose valuable work (combined, of course, with regular backups to an external hard drive).

Say, bitjungle, if it’s not too much trouble, would you mind describing in a succinct post in the Zen of Scrivener section just how you added references and and keywords? Sometimes that kind of step by step, real world explication is easier for me to understand than tutorials, help files, and FAQs. Of course I understand if you don’t have time.