The plan: Ubuntu wine scrivener

The plan:

install ubuntu 18.04 lts

use wine32 to run Scrivener, Scapple, and a few other programs

Will I need to create a c: drive to install the windows programs?

Other considerations?

I suggest to use “Play on Linux”. You only have to choice which program you want to install and POL will handle it.

If you’re using the new 2.9/3 beta, I’d highly recommend a 64-bit prefix. Scapple should run under it, as well, but 64-bit Scrivener is much faster than the 32-bit one.

I’m running scrivener for Windows under wine 3.0.4 using a flavour of Ubuntu 18.04.1 (UbuntuStudio).

There was no need to create especially a C: drive. I think installation of wine takes care of that.

It works ok for me and I keep my active Scrivener project in a Dropbox folder which looks after the sync with a W10 box.

Thank yous for all your help::

Got it working. Ubuntu basic installation, WINE, scrivener, softmaker, and Fadein.

Took two days to get linux installed. I tried to follow the instructions. There are bits missing about when to click what.

Then, same with WINE. conflicting ideas about which version to install, and from where…

And then ran the scrivener setup. Worked easy. Yesterday i updated the beta without issue.

So, now i have a small laptop with just the most basic applications for writing.

FYI, you might need to clean up some Scrivener/wine processes once you close out of 2.9.x Scrivener. It doesn’t exit cleanly for me. lsof | egrep “wine” should find them all. Note the quotes.

Thank you for the responses. All helpful.

Still dabbling. Would like to have a VPN utility to get to my main computer. And stuff like that.

Been confronted with “MY documents” when saving. Really disappointing. 20+ years of the MY stupidity and it looks like it will never stop. Thought it might finally be gone from computers.

I will try POL.

I don’t like Open Office spreadsheet interface. Nor Planmaker. Well don’t get me started on that…