The Play needs work

Be careful. I’ve worked with actors who could soak up that half-minute excess in a single dramatic pause. I once precipitated a rehearsal free-for-all by asking, as the leading man pondered and studied and analyzed the implications of a plot twist, if he’d like us to do something while we were waiting.


Now that’s comedy. :laughing:

I’m putting a couple of jokes back in, and it’s still funny enough with a PG rating. I have to change the blocking, and that will eat up some of the remaining time. I might give the narrator a wrap-up as well. I’ve got two more workshops before the performance, goddess willing.

I’ve broken new ground at No Shame Eugene by using the timer setup as a prop. It will serve as the bomb. Minimalist theater, anything beyond a table and chairs must be provided by the author and/or his co-conspirators. I won’t be needing the table.

Last night’s second run-through came in at 4:58, after reminding my subjects, er, actors to pick up their cues faster. I need to look at it again and find places to tighten up the lines. Telling them that I wanted them to play it more cartoon style got us much closer to what I wanted.

At least I can see this project through before I start my second job. I won’t be able to play much with No Shame Eugene as I’ll be working Thursdays into the evenings. Alas, I’ll have to give up on the writer’s group meetings as well for the duration of this months-long emergency situation as well.

We hit 4:50 last night on the unrevised (since last week) script, and the jokes still work. Tonight is the world premier. Hopefully we’ll get something on tape as well.

bomb squad 1.JPG
The Incontinent Bomb Squad in action.

Has anyone asked the question, "What kind of a mind comes up with an ‘Incontinent bomb squad’ ? :confused:
Whatever next!? :open_mouth:

I can’t remember who threw out the idea during the brainstorming session. I volunteered to take the notes and see if I could do something with them. … rGrAnBEJso

I didn’t know that they’d posted it. I am not one of the performers, though.