The problem of converting .sthemes to .scrthemes

  1. I’ve been following the above topic with interest, and especially this thread:

It seems to imply that I can import a Mac v3 theme by importing the .prefs file.

Is that true? If not, what part of a theme won’t be imported if I import just the .prefs file?

  1. Looking at the .scrtheme file on my beta version, it seems there aren’t a lot of parameters. Is there way to manually convert them?



The Mac and Windows preferences/options are not cross compatible in any way. The prefs file is also a Windows only file. You have to fine tune the Options manually for each platform. There is no way to export and import Preferences/Options between platforms.

Understood. What’s the manual process. I know someone with several themes she wants to convert for use by her customers/blog followers.

What should she do? Has anyone attempted this?