The question marks dissapear

The question marks dissapear while passing from mobile version to computer (ios > win)

We’re going to need some more information to help you out. It probably has something to do with your specific configuration, font settings and language settings.

Font – courier new
Language – Russian

Dont know about specific configuration, but I didnt change start settings for sure. I hope this information will help, because problem still exist.

Thanks! It seems to be the language that matters (I think if everyone had this problem we’d be swamped with reports). I’ve managed to reproduce the issue you describe using Win 7 and the latest version of Scrivener with Cyrillic text. Which version of Windows are you using, out of curiosity?

From what I can see, the question marks are there, though they may disappear after the file has been edited with them invisible. So that probably does not mean much to you practically, but it might be a clue as to what is going on. I’ll report this to the Windows team with what we have, that should be good enough to go by.

Win 7 =)

Yes, it’s alright if I am just reading the text. The problem appears when I start typing on my iPad (mini). While opening the document edited and synchronized on my iPad, on the PC, the question marks dissapear.

Thanks for your answers!

I’ve got the same problem with recent iOs and Windows versions of Scrivener. I just edited my text on iPad and then synced it with desktop. ‘?’ characters disappeared.
Version of Windows: Win10 x64
Version of Scrivener: 1.9.7