The Quisling Orchid released on Amazon and iBooks

Good morning folks.

Just to let you know that my third (and final) novel is available on both Amazon and the iBooks store from today.

If I could describe the book in a single word, then I would say ‘epic’. It spans the years between World War II and the 1970s and is the story of a love affair between a young woman and a blind Jewish girl during the Nazi invasion of Norway.

I first had the idea about six years ago while taking a short work break in Norway. I spent some time at the Resistance Museum in Oslo and I think it was there that I fell in love with the country and the people. Norway was abandoned by the allies during World War II, which meant that the country had to defend itself against a full-blown Nazi invasion. They fought against overwhelming odds with courage, ingenuity and a sort of ‘quiet resistance’ that the Germans had no defence against. It was very much the little country that could.

The book is quite graphic in its depiction of sex and violence, so it definitely falls outside the YA genre; stear clear if you’re not eighteen plus. Aside from that, it should appeal to anyone who likes a good wodge of historical fiction.

For the first few weeks I’m pricing at the £1.49 mark, so grab it while it’s cheap :slight_smile:



And of course, all six hundred pages were written in Scrivener!

downloaded The Quisling Orchid this afternoon. If it turns out to be as enjoyable as your first two novels, then it’s £149 quid well spent … oops! £1.49. I’m not enamoured of this ‘final novel’ business, though. I hope it’s nothing untoward that has brought this about.

Take care, mate, and Good Luck with The Quisling Orchid

Cheers Vic! Thanks for being first in the queue yet again! :smiley:

Nothing so dramatic! No, I’ve been working with a couple of artistic types: a script writer and fella who’s a dab hand at graphics and multimedia. I reviewed one of their short films and I absolutely loved it. I reckon we can probably come up with some interesting stuff if we work together.

You’ve often said that my books would make good movies, so I think I’ve finally listened and decided to put my time into script writing. :slight_smile: