The Reapers are the Angels

In October 2010, I picked up The Reapers are the Angels after an author I admire a great deal said he was reviewing it on Twitter. Alden Bell (Pen name of Josh Gaylord) spins a wonderful story, a roadtrip across a post-apocalyptic America with 15-year old girl called Temple at the wheel. Beautifully written in a ‘southern gothic’ style, the story hooks, twists, and ultimately tears your heart out. It’s also the first book I’ve read end-to-end on an iPad. The book really touched me, and at the end of it I tracked Josh down via email and had optionality to exchange a few mails with him. His encouragement and his writing in Angels resulted me in writing my own roadtrip novel in following month.

Anyway, check it out. It’s a great book, with a really refreshing style.