the Resetting Ruler[ADDRESSED]

I’m sorry if this has already been adressed, but I skimmed through the forums, and couldn’t find anything. I mentioned this in the feedback -forum, but I thought I’d rather put it here. I run a vista, if that’s of any importance.

When adjusting the upper arrow to space the beginning of each paragraph, the ruler seems to work perfectly, and when starting a new scene, it adjusts according to the default text attributes I’ve set, perfectly. However, whenever I open the project after closing Scrivener, all the rulers for all the scenes have reset to 0, no space. Same happened a while back while jumping between scenes - all of the sudden, one or both of them would have no spacing.

EDIT: On another note, I’d like to add this: also other default text attributes seem to do funny things if closing and re-opening scrivener: the font changes, or the font changes in one or more scenes.

So… this already adressed somewhere, or what?

Yes, it’s addressed at

It’s also addressed at

Quite a few people have reported this problem. Seems to be an elusive bug Lee is chasing, which the Scrivener people thought was resolved at one point.


In that case, I aplogize. :blush: For some reason, I missed those topics completely.

I missed prior posts too when I first posted about this, because the problem has been reported with different descriptions by various people. That’s what the versatile English language does for us!