The Return of the Salivatory Platitudes

Dear Keith,

Well, after my first post on the these boards some 4 years ago in the times of V1.0x, and not having had to write much in the last year and a bit, I’ve just really started using V2.0x this past week (I paid for the upgrade as soon as I could, well before needing to use Scrivener again).

You have done such a stellar, sensational and spectacular upgrade I can’t help but beam pearly white from ear to ear. The upgrade is evolutionary in the user experience, yet still revolutionary in the new functionality. Your pride in V2.0x is utterly deserved, a work of functional art. I wish I could convince more dinosaurs around me to ditch their antiquated writing systems and join the messianic brethren enraptured by the shiny S.

:flat-white: and other caffeinated beverages raised in your honour!

Thank you! Your kind words are very much appreciated!

All the best,